Blog: February 28, 2015  - Using Support Gems to Raise Your PoE Survival Potential
Path of Exile was designed in a way that players must take everything in to account. Exiles cannot focus with their level or Path of exile items alone. They must train the gems attached to their equipment to enhance and maximize the gem's affect as well as be mindful of their flasks at all times. Let's discuss each in detail below. Support gems are meant to augment skills. They may be damage amplifiers, additional elemental damage or other effects such as widening the area of effect.

Blog: February 19, 2015  - Quick Guide on Path of Exile's Equipment Appraisal
Learning how to check the value of your Path of Exile items, equipment and loots takes a serious amount of time and understanding of the game. It's not something that you learn right off the bat and this guide should help you learn the basics to check which stuff are worth vending and throw away.

Blog: February 1, 2015  - Path of Exile Ranger Builds
At this point, character builds in Path of Exile have been mostly figured out. While this doesn't mean the end of innovation in the game since the game was designed around the concept of experimentation through free-form character building. Of course, not everyone who plays the game may have the motivation to try making his own build from scratch, so there are builds that accepted as the best for that particular class which can be referred to and used for a new character.

Blog: January 17, 2015  - Building and Farming for Currency items
Path of Exile deviated from the conventional monetary system of MMORPGs. You won't find gold coins, bars, dollars or any name of currency in the game, what POE introduced is called Currency items. They are obtained by looting enemies, bought directly from shops or NPC's, or obtained via the Vendor Recipe system by trading specific Path of Exile items in exchange for a set number of Currency items.

Blog: January 2, 2015  - 5 Ways to Kickstart Your Journey at Path of Exile
Path of Exile’s immense and versatile character building system is fun but can also lead you to a very poor or weak character. Losing your way is easy and can happen without your knowing it. To make sure that you start everything right, here’s a few pointers for you and your character: 1. Mapping out your Skill Tree – POE’s Skill Tree includes not only Offensive, Defensive and Passive skills but nodes as well that boosts a specific stat.

News: December 23, 2014  -'s Christmas Promotion

This Christmas is a great time for gamers of all ages and walks of life, and our customers are no different. To celebrate this festive occasion, we shall conduct our Holiday promos once again like how we did last year.

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News: December 12, 2014  - Path of Exile Content Update 1.3.0

Things are heating up in Path of Exile as players and guilds gear up on what could be the most chaotic event in the history of the game. Players are grinding tirelessly to make sure their character builds got what it takes to win Tournaments. Guild Masters strategize day in and out to ensure their victory against enemy guilds. You shouldn’t be twiddling your thumbs, efforts are well rewarded.

Want to raise your chances of success? Be sure to check item and equipment sales from the site beginning at Day 1. Give yourself a favor and edge and purchase much needed equipment available from the Inventory Sales Update.


Blog: December 11, 2014  - Path of Exile Guide to Racing Builds
Some of the things that make Path of Exile a unique game among the vast online action role-playing game genre are its features that are rare or even unseen in its counterparts. One of those is the race league, which is a concept that seems obvious for the genre, but does very well in making the game more dynamic and competitive.

News: December 4, 2014  - Diablo 2 Ladder Season 15 Updates!

Now that the Diablo 2 Season 15 Ladder Reset contest is over, congratulations to those who have won. We would also like to extend our gratitude to those who joined, and we hope to see you there once again in the next Ladder Reset.

As for Diablo 2 updates, we are already offering a huge variety of Unique items, Runes, Runewords and Magic Charms. Take note that stocks are limited and you should check out our wares as soon as you can before it's too late. As for Non-Ladder players, there are also stocks of Ladder-only Unique items and Runewords that ran out during the end of the last Ladder that are available now.


Blog: December 1, 2014  - How Grinding Gear Games Develop for Path of Exile
Perhaps one of the best success stories in recent years when it comes to the action role-playing game genre, Path of Exile has put Grinding Gear Games on the map as one of the developers to keep an eye on. It has become one of the top titles in its genre, and it's a free-to-play game made with such quality and care that it is easily heads and shoulders above most of its counterparts.

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