Blog: April 12, 2014  - Path of Exile Best Builds for Beginners

As one of the best online action role-playing games available right now, Path of Exile has both depth and accessibility that makes it a great game for those who like the genre. However, it can be a rabbit hole that's too deep for casual fans, so it can be intimidating for the uninitiated. When it comes to that, they could then be open to some character builds that don't require a lot of expensive Path of Exile items.


Blog: March 20, 2014  - Path of Exile Best Vendor Recipes

Many new players in Path of Exile may be confused when they hear about vendor recipes, thinking that they are item recipes that are provided by special vendors that let you give certain items in exchange of something special. However, it's not so as it is more about the unique way that this game treats economy. Basically, when a player sells an item to a vendor, the items that the player gets in return is determined by vendor recipes.


Blog: March 11, 2014  - Path of Exile Gripes and Gaffes

The game of Path of Exile is quite good as an action role-playing game with tons of great gameplay features that MMO gamers can really gravitate to, especially with its innovative in-game economy and character progression. But like with any other game, you'll start to notice some things that are not so desirable in the game. They're not big enough to be major sticking points, but they still stick in one's craw at times while playing.


News: March 7, 2014  - Path of Exile Patch Update 1.1 and Sacrifice of the Vaal

Finally, the new expansion for Path of Exile has just been released. Grinding Gear Games promises three major updates for the game per year, and this is the first one after its official release back in November 2013. Along with a new enemy threatening Wraeclast, there are also new Path of Exile items like skill gems, new areas, a free-for-all PvP mode, and new leagues to challenge players more.


Blog: February 28, 2014  - Path of Exile Sacrifice of Vaal is Almost Here

On March 5 at 1PM Pacific Standard Time, the first mini-expansion for Path of Exile will be released along with a major patch update. Sacrifice of Vaal is looking to be quite a treat for Path of Exile fans since it follows months after the official release of the game. Grinding Gear Games has planned this moment for a very long time, and players should know what they're about to get themselves into with this new major content update.


News: February 16, 2014  - Path of Exile: Sacrifice of Vaal

For those who don't know yet, there is a big patch update coming up for Path of Exile that includes a new mini-expansion, which is the biggest update that the game will have yet since its official release. Within the next few weeks, more information will come up regarding this new mini-expansion.


Blog: February 13, 2014  - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Bounty Split-Farming Hotfixed

Recently, bounty split-farming in Reaper of Souls beta had been hotfixed. It was a rather cheap way to earn bounty by exploiting what seemed to be a bug in Reaper of Souls that enabled members of a party to finish bounties in different locations and acts, which multiplied how much bounty could be earned at a time. Bounties are supposed to only be earned when party members are within 100 yards of each other, so they could finish a bounty together in the same level.


Blog: January 27, 2014  - Path of Exile Beginner-Friendly Lightning Arrow Ranger

If you are new to Path of Exile and are looking to do a lot in the game, but don't have friends to share Path of Exile items with you, then you need to play a character that will get you up to speed without need a lot of expensive equipment. Melee characters are out since they depend on high level gear to really become strong, while magic characters require a higher level of skill to play. What a beginner needs is a character that's easy and cheap to play, and that's where the Ranger comes in.


Blog: January 9, 2014  - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls FAQ

On March 25, the much-awaited expansion Reaper of Souls will be released and available for play in Diablo III. Along with it is a whole wave of changes and additions, most of which are being considered as game-changing. However, there are also plenty of rumors and speculations as to what will be implemented once the expansion is released.


Blog: January 6, 2014  - Path of Exile Top 5 Character Builds

The thing about Path of Exile that sets it apart from the other online role-playing games out there is its intricacy, which lets players come up with a great number of builds for each character class. However, there's no denying that there would still be some builds that are a step up over the rest, no matter how much game balancing the developers do to prevent set builds from becoming dominant in the game.


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