Blog: October 4, 2014  - Different Ways of Getting Rich in Path of Exile
Due to the unique economic system in Path of Exile, some may be confused with how wealth can be earned in the game. There's no central currency like gold to accumulate, so you can't just narrow it down to farming just one thing. For those who want to get rich here, you need to know which currency items are the most valuable, whether you're playing your first hardcore character or just a casual player.

Blog: September 10, 2014  - Path of Exile Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Beginners
There have been a lot of resources created to help newbies get familiar with Path of Exile, an action role-playing game that does things differently compared to others. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners in Path of Exile. For those who are already familiar with this game but are still starting out, this may serve as a review since it can still be confusing at first compared to other games.

News: August 23, 2014  - PoE Orbs NOW Available on New Challenge Leagues!

We're proud to announce that we're already carrying all sort of PoE currencies on new Challenge leagues two days into the new Forsaken Masters expansion, make sure you check out our PoE inventories today!


Blog: August 20, 2014  - Challenge Leagues in Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters
With the release of the new mini-expansion Forsaken Masters, there will be a lot of new things coming for Path of Exile. Aside from all the new features and PoE items that will diversify the game even further, there will also be two new challenge leagues for those who want to test their mettle in the game. These new leagues are the Rampage and Beyond challenge leagues, both sharing eight difficult challenges for participants to complete.

Blog: August 18, 2014  - Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters
Forsaken Masters, the upcoming second mini-expansion for Path of Exile, is coming really soon and has some new and exciting features that will change the way the game is played yet again. The most prominent of these is the Masters, who can give you missions to do Master Levelling. This has been talked about quite a bit leading up to this mini-expansion as it bears its namesake.

Blog: August 9, 2014  - Path of Exile Echoed Raging Spirits
The great thing about Path of Exile is that even when there are already established character builds and ways to play the game, there is always something new that pops up on a regular basis. This is rare in other action role-playing games, and it's something that Grinding Gear Games strives to achieve in this genre.

Blog: July 29, 2014  - Top Rated Melee Skills in Path of Exile
There is nothing more satisfying than getting close to an enemy and landing a massive blow right in their face in MMORPG's. Path of Exile is no exception to that. The game is pretty balanced, regardless of your equipment, but picking the most suitable skills is critical. Melee characters, like the Marauder, do not focus on damage dealing potential alone. They need a sizeable defense in order to withstand hits as they approach the target.

Blog: July 14, 2014  - Path of Exile Burning Discharge Build
One of the best character builds in Path of Exile that many veteran players stand by is the Discharge Witch, which has become a standard when it comes to farming builds. However, there isn't only one Discharge Witch build to rule them all as there are plenty of variations to keep things interesting. The Burning Discharge build is one of them, and it's great for players who want to burn everything on the screen.

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Blog: July 2, 2014  - Path of Exile Reflect Templar Build
One of the things in combat that can be done in action role-playing games is the ability to take damage and return it in some way to the enemy that dealt that damage. It's most commonly known as reflect, and various ARPG games have them in one capacity or another. The cool thing about Path of Exile is that this can be done in a number of ways and not just one skill or passive to reflect them all.

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