4 Items Every POE Players Should Keep

As your Exile embarks on its quest to glory, power and fortune, it is important to take note that you would come across upon tons and tons of items. It is quite easy to get lost and drown among these Path of Exile items, not to mention sell PoE items that’s quite essential for your Exile. This article should help you determine what to pick up and stash. Let’s begin:

1. Flasks – these are the equivalent of Potions with other games. They carry a specific number of charges or use for each. They can be recharged by killing monsters or simply going back to any town or Hideout. Their effects vary such as healing you, recharging your mana, or provide boosts for a certain amount of time. The Quality of the Flask determines its potency and effectiveness. It’s a bad idea to get cornered by a mob without Life Flasks for example so it’s imperative that you collect and check each Flask that you come across and keep improving your Flask arsenal. They often get you out of a pinch

2. Gems – Skill and Support Gems shape your Exile’s overall offensive and defensive strength. It can add secondary effects to Active Skills such as launching projectiles to the target or adding Fire damage to your attack. There are defensive and support functions from them as well. They gain experience levels and grow stronger as long as you keep them on. The general rule of thumb is keep all Gems you encounter and sort through them when you get back to a town. Determine what is best for your build and equip them accordingly. You might be surprised how much your life can be easier in the game thanks to Skill and Support Gems.

3. Unique items – you would probably be spending most of your time farming and hunting for Unique items or gear as they provide the biggest and best stats most of the time. Some builds for character classes actually require specific Unique items to maximize the build’s offensive and defensive aspects. Researching and having the time to hunt for these Unique items are the key here.

4. Currency Items – to be specific, always pick up the following Currency Items as they would also be useful on any scenario of the game and are pretty much the benchmark of trading and value within Path of Exile:

• Chromatic Orbs – these orbs allow you to alter the colors of Links on your items, perfect for adjusting and fine tuning your Exile’s attributes. Alternatively, you may vend any item with 3 Links and all 3 colors to get a Chromatic Orb.
• Jeweler’s Orbs – this allows you to re-roll the number of sockets on a piece of item. They drop from enemies or can be obtained from Arcanist’s Strongboxes. You may also get one by exchanging 2 Orbs of Alteration with Yeena of the Forest Encampment.
• Chaos Orbs – do you want to gamble your item’s attributes hoping they would go up and with random mods? Then you need Chaos Orbs. They can be obtained like Jeweler’s orbs and holds a significant value.

There you go. The info listed above should help you get on the right track in Path of Exile. As always, if you’re not sure, don’t be hasty in dumping an item. What you have found may not be useful at this point but can be extremely valuable and a game changer later on in the game.

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