5 Ways to Kickstart Your Journey at Path of Exile

Path of Exile’s immense and versatile character building system is fun but can also lead you to a very poor or weak character. Losing your way is easy and can happen without your knowing it. To make sure that you start everything right, here’s a few pointers for you and your character:

1. Mapping out your Skill Tree – POE’s Skill Tree includes not only Offensive, Defensive and Passive skills but nodes as well that boosts a specific stat. You follow a specific path and often you reach a branch in the skill tree that leads to a whole new different set of nodes and skills that’s best for a certain build. The most important thing before you start grinding or spending points in the skill tree is to map out and scout ahead. Check what are the available nodes and skills available for your next few level ups. That way, you don’t spend points and acquire Strength nodes when in fact your build is geared for Dexterity for example like in a Ranger.

2. Research Builds the first time – POE’s character building is so flexible unlike other MMORPGs in a way that you can turn a Ranger in to a monstrous 2 hand Axe wielding killing machine. Skills are not class restricted in any form in fact you can use skills as long as you meet the Stat Requirements and place it the Skill Gem in to a socket of your equipment. Having said that, given the limitless possibilities of the game, it would be wise to research the tried and tested beginner friendly builds found in the POE Forum. As you gain knowledge and grasp of the game then that would be the time to experiment on your own and begin a unique and devastating character.

3. Flasks System – these are the Potions of POE, but unlike conventional Potions, using these does not destroy the Flask but instead consumes a charge. Each Flask has a set number of charges available and killing enemies recharges Flasks. Thinking ahead, it’s not wise to use all charges available for a wave of enemies then scouring the area for more enemies to charge the Flask again. Flasks were meant to be used wisely, and not spammy.

4. Survivability - There is a mentality in MMORPGs that the higher the damage the better. Not with POE. The Skill Tree is abundant with Armor, Life and other forms of regenerative or defensive boosts. You would often face a choice of between Strength and a Life node. It is crucial that your character has sufficient survivability because a high damage dealing potential is literally quite useless if your character can only survive one hit.

5. Currency – Path of Exile’s currency system is quite unique due to the fact that it does not rely on a single currency such as gold coins. Each item has an equivalent set of Path of Exile items which can be also used for crafting. In fact, a piece of crafted equipment acquired as loot from an enemy would have the same equivalent of currency compared to equipment with the same stats and attributes bought from a NPC Store. You see crafting and looting have the same weight in the game so don’t go out and crazy for hunting a specific piece of equipment or crafting a difficult one.

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