Challenge Leagues in Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters

With the release of the new mini-expansion Forsaken Masters, there will be a lot of new things coming for Path of Exile. Aside from all the new features and PoE items that will diversify the game even further, there will also be two new challenge leagues for those who want to test their mettle in the game.

These new leagues are the Rampage and Beyond challenge leagues, both sharing eight difficult challenges for participants to complete. Those who do get through five challenges on either of them will get a Challenger's Silver Halo helmet effect, and those who go through all eight will get the Challenger's Golden Halo helmet effect. Also, the first 50 participants to clear all eight challenges will also get an exclusive Rampage/Beyond t-shirt from Grinding Gear Games.

The challenges are definitely worth hunkering down for as they are quite extensive. The first one is full clear in any difficulty, meaning that you have to kill all the monsters in all 64 areas of Acts 1, 2, and 3. You may use the /remaining command to track your progress in each area.

The second challenge is easy enough, reaching level 65 with any class in either one of the two challenge leagues. The third one is to reach all Rampage Tiers from first to thirteenth in Rampage League. The fourth is to make use of all 23 currency items listed in that particular challenge. You can then move on to the Beyond league, wherein you have to kill all 13 interdimensional monstrosities. The sixth challenge is to reach level 8 with all 7 Masters introduced in the new mini-expansion.

The last two are perhaps the most intimidating ones to complete. The seventh is to own all 44 unique items listed here, and whatever you get in both Rampage and Beyond that are on the list are counted. The last one is to kill all 34 unique bosses listed, many of which are the toughest enemies you'll ever face in this game.

Only the best of the best can complete all of these challenges, so the heat is on to see who will finish them first.

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