Diablo 3 Inferno Barbarian Strategy Guide

Out of all the character classes, the Barbarian runs into the most danger in any difficulty level due to being a melee fighter. Because of this, a Barbarian player must be strategic in his approach of the game, especially in Inferno difficulty. Most would allude the Barbarian to stupidity and mindless charging into battle, but this is the farthest from the truth.

The Barbarian holds great potential in farming Diablo 3 gold and items, so its power must be mastered through careful thought and play. A big part of the strategy, aside from survival tactics like kiting, is in the use of skill combinations to achieve desired effects. They can do various things like crowd control and delivering huge damage, and every Barbarian should consider having a few in his arsenal before going into battle. Here are just some of them, which are great for farming D3 gold and items.

Frenzy + Sidearm.
This is recommended as a bread-and-butter combo as the damage output can't be matched by any other. This is a boss killer, even in Inferno difficulty. Sidearm provides good AoE damage that's good for hitting ranged mobs, although it does tend to be a bit random in terms of target selection. While it's not as dependable in terms of accuracy, no need to care where you hit when the enemies are all around you. Other combos like Frenzy + Maniac is only good for single targets, while Cleave + Broad Sweep is only good for AoE. The good thing about Frenzy + Sidearm is that it's good for both situations, even though it can be a bit wayward in targeting.

Revenge + Provocation
This is another staple for Inferno Barbarians due to the high AoE damage combined with Life Steal, which is still useful even when nerfed in Inferno. You can also use either Overpower + Revel or Furious Charge + Dreadnaught if you think that Revenge doesn't give you as much life steal as you want.

Ignore Pain + Ignorance is Bliss.
This combo is recommended for increasing your survivability, especially if you don't have the most exemplary equipment. Ignorance is Bliss gives 4% reduction to damage, which is still enough for you to get back to full health when you're in the middle of a substantial struggle. Iron Hide is also good for this, but this combo is pretty much what will keep you alive when you don't have good gear yet. Once you have better armor that can take a good amount of damage, then you can replace these skills for something else.

Battle Rage + Marauder's Rage
This adds a good bit of damage across the board, making it invaluable for neutralizing threats throughout the Inferno difficulty.

War Cry + Impunity
This is another recommended combo for the Barbarian as a staple. The Armor and Resistance bonuses it gives are quite good, so much that you'd want to keep it up as much as you can. Wrath of the Berserker + Insanity Finally, here is the secret weapon that you can pull out whenever there's an Elite or Champion pack. It doubles your damage output and gives you Dodge bonus for a bit more survivability. It lets you boost your offensive capability without compromising your defense, although the long cool down time does leave much to be desired. That's why this is usually for times when you need it the most.

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