Diablo 3 - New Enemies in Reaper of Souls

As most Diablo 3 fans would know by now, the new expansion Reaper of Souls is on its way. Aside from the additional features and the new character class, much of the focus is on the new setting. Malthael, the former Archangel of Wisdom who was driven mad by the destruction of the Worldstone in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, has returned as the Archangel of Death after the defeat of the Prime Evil. He has now taken the Black Soulstone and now heads towards Westmarch. It is where you must face him, along with his minions and lieutenants.

Little is known about these new enemies, but there is some information at hand thanks to Lorath Nahr of the Horadrim, who has seen these foul reapers first hand and has survived to put them down on record. Here are some of them:

Death Maiden

When Malthael first disappeared, Urzael was appointed by the Angiris Council to bring him back to the High Heavens. Urzael was accompanied by the sect of maidens who were once Malthael's closest followers. Unfortunately, they never returned from their search for the Archangel, and we know now that they had been returned to Malthael's service in the other side.


Formed from the most notorious criminals of Westmarch, they were taken from the deepest levels of the city's prisons and twisted by Malthael's powers to bring forth their most evil of traits. These souls who had wrought suffering and death to countless men, women, and children have now been made even more demented than ever, and with monstrous appearances to match. As their name suggests, their purpose is to kill with extreme prejudice and without any conscience.


In Westmarch, exorcists are well known for their reputation as spiritual warriors who drive out evil and remedy demonic possessions. They would usually arrive at night in black cloaks and work in secret to extract evil spirits out of subjects, then disappear as mysteriously as they had come. They know their enemies well, but Malthael was still able to get to them and be twist to his whim. They now roam Westmarch in their inhuman forms, tearing souls out of all who still live.

Ghastly Seraph

They were once the great soldiers of the High Heavens, but have since been touched by death and are now servants of Malthael. Their forms have been mangled into that of overgrown mounts of tainted flesh, striking fear in the hearts of even the bravest of men. Their nightmarish appearance is only matched by their sadism, tearing through Westmarch with ruthlessness and mindless aggression. With their tendrils of energy and fighting abilities, they are formidable opponents in the battlefield.

Summoner of the Dead

As suggested by name, the Summoner of the Dead is an archon that brings forth death by the numbers. They surround themselves with reapers, and they will continue to summon them as long as they are standing. Tear through the reapers, and the fight will never end. But if you take the summoner out, then the reapers fall to ash.

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