Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls FAQ

On March 25, the much-awaited expansion Reaper of Souls will be released and available for play in Diablo III. Along with it is a whole wave of changes and additions, most of which are being considered as game-changing. However, there are also plenty of rumors and speculations as to what will be implemented once the expansion is released.

In order to clarify most of the confusion among the fans who are looking forward to the new expansion, here is a list of frequently asked questions and additional information pertaining to Reaper of Souls.

Can we download Reaper of Souls prior to release?

There will be a pre-download period before the release of Reaper of Souls, although that date is still tentative. If you are playing Diablo 3 now and had pre-purchased Reaper of Souls, then it should download automatically, so you don't have to do anything special. Many of the features announced during pre-release are to be implemented in the pre-expansion patch 2.0.1, which can be available for even those who don't pre-download the new expansion. As for the expansion-only content like the new Crusader class, Adventure Mode, and Act V of the story, those who had purchased Reaper of Souls will have to wait for them on March 25.

Pre-downloading is a practice that Blizzard commonly utilizes, most notably in new World of Warcraft expansions. It's similar to installing a game from the disc, but through online download. The goal is to have the new expansion fully downloaded once the release date comes around, so players could just jump into the game and play the expansion right away.

Since this is a tried-and-tested way for Blizzard to release their expansions, there shouldn't be too much of a worry compared to Diablo 3's rocky start back in May 2012.

Will there be a seventh skill slot?

Unfortunately, there is no increase of the 6-skill limit planned in the future, despite the rumors. In fact, the 7-skill limit was actually available in the Diablo 3 beta for a considerable period of time before the game shipped, but it was reduced to 6 skills after much playtesting and feedback. It was determined that 6 skills was the optimal number, especially since it also emulated the controls of MOBA games like DotA and League of Legends.

Despite this disappointment though, there will be a 4th passive skill slot added to every character class when they reach level 70, which is the new level cap in Reaper of Souls. This means you can add yet another passive skill that will strengthen your character for those really difficult areas of the game, as well as come up with new builds to make things more interesting and supplement the effects of new Diablo 3 items.

Will Blizzard still take feedback for Reaper of Souls?

According to Blizzard, the setting of a definite cut-off date would imply that they would no longer be accepting feedback, which is against sensible game development that relies greatly on that feedback. Even when the release of the game is near, feedback will still be taken to consideration, especially with post-release patches that may come to fix what needs to be fixed and improve what could be improved.

However, there is a soft cut-off for the Beta/PTR test phase, which would be just before the March 25 release. Aside from that, the development of Diablo 3 will continue and feedback will continue to influence the process.

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