Different Ways of Getting Rich in Path of Exile

Due to the unique economic system in Path of Exile, some may be confused with how wealth can be earned in the game. There's no central currency like gold to accumulate, so you can't just narrow it down to farming just one thing. For those who want to get rich here, you need to know which currency items are the most valuable, whether you're playing your first hardcore character or just a casual player.

Motivation is the root of all efforts towards wealth, and being able to get the best Path of Exile items is certainly a big part of that in this game. Since currency items can be found everywhere around Wraeclast in various ways, there's more than one way to obtain them, and you can even "create" your own wealth as well.

This is the most tried-and-tested way of getting rich in the action role-playing genre, and it's not that different in Path of Exile. Being able to trade valuable items for a good amount of currency is something that takes time to master, but the concept is quite simple to grasp.

The basic gist of it is to farm for whatever has good value, then put them up for trade through chat and do something else while waiting for someone interested to get in touch with you, then you go back to town and make the transaction. What you need though is a constant supply of items that you can sell.

Items that are great for this are +Quality gems, which are always in demand. Whenever you pick up gems, put them in your stash and later sell the +Quality ones through this method. Make sure that you know what they're really worth so that you don't get ripped off. Be aware of the market prices and check every offer you get to earn well.

This is a type of trading that veteran Path of Exile players stand by and beginners should learn about. Flipping is basically another term for buying items for cheap, then selling them at a higher price for profit. It seems like regular trading, but the trick is to find a supply of items that will constantly bring in revenue for you.

Time is a big part of the process, so you have to find a source that gives you little to no waiting time, from getting the items to selling them off to buyers. This does require quite a bit of digging around, whether knowing people through connections, looking around in forums, or coming across a source by serendipity.

Vendor Recipes
In most other game, selling rare items to vendors is the wrong way of earning money. However, the developers of Path of Exile has made sure that selling to NPC vendors would be a viable way to get rich through recipes. A lot of these recipes yield valuable currency items, depending on the combination of items, the minimum item level, and other properties that you vendor.

You can check online resources for these recipes. Some of the really good ones are the Orbs, whether they're Orbs of Chance, Chaos Orbs, or Regal Orbs. Remember that you can check an item's level by picking it up with your mouse cursor and entering "/itemlevel" in chat so that you can get it right.

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