Farming the Lord’s Labyrinth

Path of Exile players who are familiar with the layout and mechanics of the Lord’s Labyrinth would also know about its unique abundance of items that can be obtained through farming. The Lord’s Labyrinth is often nicknamed the “Uber Lab” simply for the efficiency with which players can farm for skill and support gems, as well as other Path of Exile items in the game.

To take full advantage of Uber Lab sometimes comes at a cost. This means that gamers would have a character build that is skewed towards farming the Lord’s Labyrinth and less geared towards mapping success. Players who choose to prioritize farming the lab are well aware that the return on their investment is greater than spending their time playing the maps, simply because there is a greater variability in the rewards for the latter.

Farming the Lab for PoE items consists of a handful of steps. First, it is important to get a good, fast character build that is capable of wiping out the enemies. This is followed by content farming to obtain the in-game currency, and using that currency to improve upon the build. Once the build is at a maximum, there is no longer any need to spend money to make money, players can farm the Lab as often as they wish, and generate heavy profits.

To farm the Lord’s Labyrinth efficiently, Dual Curse Champion builds are quite effective. Blade Vortex in Essence League and Essence Drain in Prophecy are quite formidable, indeed. Damage does not need to be particularly high for the build to be successful in the Lab.

For comparison’s sake, Uber Atziri can also be lucratively farmed, but mostly due to item drops, specifically drops that involve axes and gloves. The chance of dying while in the map is what makes Uber Atziri particularly difficult, allowing for the player to acquire a fair amount of currency for the amount of experience points gained in the process. However, the frequency of drops for axes and gloves is not enough to justify spending the bulk of one’s time farming in that Uber Atziri.

While Grinding Gear Games may take notice of the disproportionately high amount of farming the Lord’s Labyrinth, it is interesting to speculate what actions they could take. Considering such factors as the level of gear required, time to spend on the lab, and the reward as a net gain in currency, the next step would be to compare it with the other zones in terms of the amount of time spent playing them. If the Lord’s Labyrinth happens to be the only zone where the risk-reward ratio is consistently higher than the others, then we can expect some nerfing modifications to the Lab, buffs to other end-game areas, or the introduction of new end-game zones that are just as profitable.

Short of nerfing the Lord’s Labyrinth, improving the mapping rewards as well as lowering the cost of entry for the other zones in Path of Exile would make quite a viable short-term solution, while we wait for GGG to roll more end-game content that dwarfs the lab.

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