Guide to Gaining Entrance to Diablo 3's Whimsyshire Level

The secret cow level has been integral to the existence of the Diablo series. It was a rumor gone berserk in the first game, then made into reality in the second. For Diablo III though, there wasn't a cow level again. However, Blizzard did include a secret level, but it is not inhabited by cows, but cute rainbow-colored ponies and care bears, mocking you with faux kindness and hurting you with massive damage. If you wish to kill these horrid creatures and get lots of Diablo 3 gold and items, then you will have to learn how to gain entrance to this easter egg.

This is Whimsyshire, a fully playable map in the game that's more like a land full of cotton candy and friendship, which then betrays you and puts a big one up yours for your trouble. It seems that the developers were fans of My Little Pony and Care Bears, and they want to shove it at players' faces. Instead of health orbs, they drop pink cupcakes that heal you when you pick them up. The elite bosses of this strange world are also cutesy and adorable. That is just sickening, and you better teach these curs a good lesson in humility.

Most of the enemies in this level are equivalent to late Act Four enemies, even though the entrance is in Act One. You better be ready to face them by being at a high enough level and have the best equipment possible. Best way to be sure that you can take them is to finish that particular difficulty level, then return to Act One and unlock the area. But first, you must find a way to enter this world in order to get all that Diablo 3 gold, and that's the hard part.

You need a total of six components in order to create the Staff of Herding, which is needed to open the gateway to Whimsyshire. The Black Mushroom can be found in a room at Act One, Cathedral Level One. Leoric’s Shinbone spawns rarely in Act One, at the fireplace in Leoric’s Manor. Wirt’s Bell is sold bySquirt, a vendor in Act Two for 100,000 gold, put alongside her potions and dyes. The Liquid Rainbow is in Act Two, found in the Mysterious Chest in the Mysterious Cave located the Oasis after saving the old man, who opens the chest for you. The Gibbering Gemstone can be found in Act Three, dropped randomly from Chiltara by a random mob in the Caverns of Frost within the Ballistae area. If it’s labeled Ice Caverns, leave the game and try again.

Finally, the Plans for the Staff of Herding is usually in Act Four, dropped randomly by Izual. Use this to teach the recipe to Haedrig. Once you had Haedrig complete the Staff of Herding, you must then take the said item to Old Tristram road, where you will find the Ghost of the Cow King, which comes out of a corpse of an anthromorphic cow. Near that location is a glowing pit on the ground, which should be the entrance to Whimsyshire.

If you are carrying the staff, you can speak to the ectoplasmic bovine monarch to enter Whimsyshire. You’ll know that you're successful once the red glow turns rainbow-colored, which is the signal that you can finally the world of wonder and sugar-coated mayhem, where the infantile meet with the damnable. But once you're in and you can actually survive the chaos, you're in for some good D3 gold and items.

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