How Grinding Gear Games Develop for Path of Exile

Perhaps one of the best success stories in recent years when it comes to the action role-playing game genre, Path of Exile has put Grinding Gear Games on the map as one of the developers to keep an eye on. It has become one of the top titles in its genre, and it's a free-to-play game made with such quality and care that it is easily heads and shoulders above most of its counterparts. In order to achieve that, Grinding Gear Games have a philosophy that they stick with in order to be consistent with their development and maintenance.

One of the most important factors in the game's continued development is maintaining the business model that made it attractive and an example in the gaming world, both its free-to-play status and ethical microtransactions that only offer cosmetic enhancements and no pay-to-win options like powerful Path of Exile items that could give more financially able players a decisive advantage in the game. Grinding Gear Games has done a good job in keeping with the game's originally intended aim as one of the best free-to-play games still available.

A primary concern they are concerned with is client performance, which touches upon the game's technical aspects. First of all, the client has to run smoothly in as many different kinds of machines as possible, from low-end budget systems to high-end power gaming rigs. Then there's also the network performance with how the client communicates with the server, in which case gamers from even the far-flung corners of the world should be able to play with little to no lag and disconnections. With de-syncs being a major concern with this game, Grinding Gear Games has always worked on making the game run better as they update it with more features.

In order to keep tabs with how they should proceed with the continued development of this game, they prioritize communications with players and the rest of the online community in order to get feedback. Whether they are questions, suggestions, or criticism, the importance of communication in the process is seen by Grinding Gear Games as invaluable. Whenever there's a need for improvement in an element of the game, or there's a bug or glitch that affects gameplay, the developers have to know about it and address them as soon as they can.

But communication is more than just about fixing problems in the game. It's also about letting fans know that the developers do care about them, from updating them on what's new to helping with problems that may arise during gameplay. Running an online game is a herculean task, from the logistics to dealing with players and everything else in between. To keep it free to play and running through ethical microtransactions is incredibly difficult, even for a major company. For an indie studio based in New Zealand, that is very commendable.

If there's any reason to keep playing this game, it is due to the diligence of the developers in keeping it fresh with new content and constant support so that it plays as seamlessly as possible while still being free-to-play. It's hard to complain about something that good which most people don't even have to pay for.

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