How To Use Vaal Orbs Effectively

Like many games, there are various types of Path of Exile items for players to trade. Enhancing and improving their character’s equipment and skillset are among the most common reasons to do this.

Vaal Orbs operate to corrupt a given item, modifying it in an unpredictable way. Whether the modification is beneficial or detrimental can depend on the context of the item’s usage. However, this could also render the item useless and ineffective. Once an item has been modified by a Vaal Orb, the item can no longer be modified further, let alone reverted to its original state. As such, Vaal orbs are the most significant means for an item to acquire rare traits, and this could mean the difference between success and failure.

One strategy for using Vaal Orbs is to use them on maps or map-related items. Museum and Arena maps are most likely to benefit from Vaal Orbs because of fragment drops. Maps of middling or high tiers may also benefit from the use of a Vaal orb, especially since the risk-reward ratio is likely to be favorable, and the worst-case scenario is relatively acceptable for most players.

Vaal Orbs also tend to yield favorable results when used on Cartographer Strongboxes, especially after rolling for increased quantity. For low-level boxes, using Vaal Orbs can yield as many as ten maps. High-level boxes may yield rare map as well as greater modifications than they would otherwise.

Cheap and unique PoE items that are in the lower to middle tiers also benefit from the use of Vaal Orbs. These items include Mirrored Jewel Boxes (but not the Jewels themselves), Bloodgrips, Tears of Purity, Warped Timepieces, Anvils, and Stones of Lazhwar. Gloves of any variety, such as Snakebite Gloves and Asenath’s Gentle Touch Silk Gloves are also improved by Vaal Orbs. Whether you choose to use these items while in the game, or decide to trade them for other items that you need more, it does not hurt to use Vaal Orbs to improve their value and utility.

Jewels have a hit-or-miss performance with Vaal Orbs. In the past, many players with a surplus of Jewels tried to use Vaal Orbs on them in an attempt to get them to become unique. If they succeeded, the next step was to sell the corrupted Jewel for profit. Unfortunately, many players today have discovered that profits are minimal, since corrupted Jewels hold little value, and trying to gamble by using Vaal Orbs to corrupt them is a waste of time.

It goes without saying that Vaal Orbs should not be used on items that are irreplaceable, rare, difficult to obtain, or very high quality. The risk-reward ratio is not favorable at all, since the chances of a detrimental corruption of the item are higher the chances of improving it even slightly. Tabula Rasa is another item that is susceptible to negative results from Vaal Orbs. Tabulas often turn into random rare items often valued lower (and also generally untradeable) as compared to their untainted form.

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