How to Improve Your Chances in Getting D3 Rare Items

Getting the best items is one of the biggest parts of playing Diablo 3, so farming is what you'll be doing most of the time. If you wish to farm as efficiently as possible and get enough Diablo 3 gold and D3 rare items, then here are a few things you can do to clean up your gameplay and farm like a true hero.

Monster Power

A relatively new addition to the game, Monster Power gives you the ability to crank up the challenge in the game by making the monsters more powerful when you set it higher. You get to either turn it off or select from MP 1 to 10, whichever you're comfortable with. With each higher level, you also get higher experience gain, as well as gold and item find which is great for farming.

Farming Build

Each character class has an optimal farming build that lets you plow through runs with relative ease. It's true that certain classes have advantages in farming over others, but all of them have ways to farm and there's no particularly "right" class for it. But it is true that there are right skills for the job, mostly the ones that deliver good DPS, as well as splash or AoE damage. The defensive skills you do get are the ones that let you get away from bad situations quickly and/or keep you from taking too much damage all at once.

Reliable Equipment

Characters don't fight by skills alone, but also with the best weapons, armor, amulet, and rings that you can find. Such items give you the most damage you can muster, the most amount of armor and resistances you can find, and as much stat bonuses as you can get. If you don't really have the good stuff, then that’s the main reason you’re farming in the first place. If you do have some pretty good items, then note that you can still find better ones later on through farming and shopping in the Auction House.

Good Farming Locations and Routes

You can't just farm anywhere and expect it to be the most efficient you can get, unless you're doing Nephalem Valor runs. There are various locations throughout the game where you can get the best rate of experience gain and item drops. You can visit forums that have information on these locations, each of them with their own level of challenge.

Nephalem Valor Stacks

Finally - the holy grail of farming in Diablo 3, which is Nephalem Valor. This features makes Diablo 3 fun when you've hit level 60 and are tired of doing the same limited farming runs over and over again. With this feature, you get increased magic and gold find after killing rare or champion packs while playing through the game straight. You can get a maximum of 5 NV stacks, which stays until you either change a skill or leave the game. Once you get all five stacks, that is when the party really begins. Combined with Monster Power, you can get really good loot as a result and earn more gold with each farming run.

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