Increasing Your Chances of Finding Rare Diablo 2 Items

Over the years, Diablo has pioneered the complex and vast item generation in video games. As we all know, before Diablo landed on our PC, RPG and Action games have a preset item drops for each monster or boss, with percentage for each item acting as the only differentiator or determining factor.

Blizzard came up with this brilliant and deep system where players actually have to hunt for equipment and items over and over again. There are some presets or factors that can help the player get the item quicker but for the most part, it's totally random.

Looking for rare Diablo 2 items? Well, it is important to know how the item generation works in Diablo II. In simplest terms, the game performs a check at what they call Treasure Class or TC for each monster slain or chest opened. The possible items obtained after checking the TC correlates to the actual monster's level for monster drops. After these factors were checked, Magic Find kicks in. Boosts to Magic Find, usually from Charms, can help you obtain a Legendary or Rare piece of equipment easier.

What the game does at this point of the process is roll a 揹ice?to determine the quality of the item being dropped. Legendary counts as first and has the smallest chance of occurring, followed by six counts of varying levels of Rare equipment. If the dice misses the first, which is Legendary, then it moves on to the next which is Rare with 6 affixes. If the roll still misses, then it moves to the Rare with 5 affixes, until the roll stops, Magical equipment being the last.

Sockets are also considered for equipment that is legal to have Sockets. Throwing weapons, for example are not included in the system check for Sockets since they are not really supposed to bear any sockets in the first place. The Socket roll is applicable for Body armor, Shields other weapons.

The general rule of thumb is to farm monsters with the highest TC possible to raise your chances of acquiring the gear that you want. A good example for this is the Cow King. This boss is at Treasure Class or TC 12. If you want to obtain Chain Gloves or its Unique counterpart, the Chance Guards, then farming the mobs around him then slaying him have a higher chance of dropping the Chain Gloves or Chance Guards.

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