New Uniques From The Breach Challenge League

Path of Exile’s new Content Update 2.5.0 has a lot to offer its loyal fans who have been playing the game since day one. With new challenges, PoE items, and bosses, there’s enough content to keep players busy until the next update rolls out.

New uniques have always been a big part of the experience, helping maintain the novelty and freshness of Path of Exile with every update that may come around. Here is a list of some interesting Uniques that Update 2.5.0 has brought to our attention:

1. Lycosidae Rawhide Tower Shield
This is one of the Path of Exile items that gives you a ton of power. As a dominant leveling shield, it renders plenty of your enemies’ attacks survivable. Plus, with your hits not being evaded, engaging bosses and lesser enemies becomes a more rewarding experience.

2. Abberath’s Hooves Goathide Boots
This is a spell that automatically casts while your character is running. Every time your foot hits the ground, an explosion occurs. However, one of the lesser-known unique features of this item is the ability to ignite a nearby enemy on killing an ignited enemy.

The area of effect for Abberath’s Hooves Goathide Boots can be modified with the use of a Gem. Faster casting can also be linked with this Unique. Also, faster-moving characters have the advantage of more frequent explosions, which makes it a fun build for players to build around.

3. Uul-Netol’s Kiss
Available at Level 49, with 157% increased Physical Damage, and with the ability to cause bleeding when hitting cursed enemies, there’s little else you could ask for from this new Unique. Players looking for an end-game option, however might be clamoring for an upgraded version with more damage. However, Uul-Netol’s Kiss is a leveling weapon, it might not get much of an upgrade in the near future, if at all.

4. Severed in Sleep, Minion Cutlass
Players with Animate Weapon builds or Poison Summoner builds with relevant Path of Exile items have plenty of reason to be excited about this new Unique. Not only does it come with higher base damage as well as a ton of potential to scale up, but it also outshines Beacon of Corruption in terms of duration.

5. The Surrender
This is an upgraded version of The Anticipation Ezomyte Tower Shield, with 160% Increased Armour, and +63 to maximum boost on Life. With the ability to permanently intimidate enemies on Block, this is another attractive new Unique

6. The Perfect Form Zodiac Leather
This is an upgraded version of The Snowbind Grace, and pairs nicely with Surrender, Atziri’s Boots, and Gladiator. Not surprisingly, it is also a perfect Unique for Iron Commander builds. The Perfect Form increases your Evasion Rating and boosts Maximum Life as well.

7. Skin of the Loyal
This Unique is upgradeable with a Blessing of Chayula, and bears some resemblance to Tabula. Recoloring cannot occur, however, since Vaaling is not possible with this item. As we come to learn more about the upgraded version of this Unique, we’ll be able to assess its true potential in the proper context.

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