Path of Exile Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Beginners

There have been a lot of resources created to help newbies get familiar with Path of Exile, an action role-playing game that does things differently compared to others. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners in Path of Exile. For those who are already familiar with this game but are still starting out, this may serve as a review since it can still be confusing at first compared to other games.

Skills are divided between active and passive skills, and they're divided further in terms of where you get them. Active skills come from gems that you insert into the appropriate slot on a socketed Path of Exile item, and they can be leveled up with use to make them stronger as long as your character meets the stat requirements. As for passive skills, you get them from the passive skill tree as your character levels up with experience.

There is also a matter of the flasks, which are used for health, mana, and buff potions. What you obtain are the flasks for filling up the appropriate potion, which is done so by killing enemies. This means that you don't really run out of potion as long as you're able to keep killing enemies in the map. There are flasks with magical properties though, so you'd want to keep an eye out for flasks with better properties than than what you have at the moment.

As for farming, you may want to reset the instance once you've finished running through the maps. When you do this the regular way, which is to leave the game and come back a bit later, the instance may not be reset by the time you get back. In that case, do it the proper way by leaving through the main portal or from a waypoint, then CTRL-clicking the instance point or the door way. You'll go back in and find the instance reset just like that.

If you're doing quests and want to review what you're supposed to do or the quest items that you need to find, just press U and you'll see them highlighted right there. You'll also see the quests you've already finished and the quests you still have to finish, as well as the areas that you've been to and those you still have to discover.

This game does not have an auction house, unlike other similar games. The concept behind the economy of this game is such that it rewards effort in gameplay over just being able to trade well. Also, due to the use of currency items, inflation is kept at check, which partially makes the point of having an auction house rather moot. Some may disagree, but recent developments in the action role-playing genre has proven this to be so.

Finally, there will be no point in time when Path of Exile will transition to a paid subscription system since the point of the game's existence in the first place is to be a free-to-play action role-playing game with ethical microtransactions and focus on awesome gameplay over just cashing in. It has been a challenging undertaking for Grinding Gear Games, but it has definitely been worth it so far.

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