Path of Exile Ascendancy Supporter Packs and Uniques

With the recent release of the Ascendancy expansion, there is much jubilation as Path of Exile is now more alive than ever with so much new content and features. Yet even with all these additions and improvements added to the game, that's not all that's to be expected. Grinding Gear Games is also including supporter packs to have players who like the new content and want to support the game to do just that.

Grinding Gear Games noticed a few things with previous supporter packs that they wished to address with this one. For one thing, the wait times for the physical goods were still unsatisfactory, despite being as minimal as possible. Somehow, they're declaring now that they've solved this through some measure they came up with, so they're now guaranteeing prompt delivery of the Ascendancy t-shirts and art packs to those who had ordered them.

The supporter packs do a lot to fund the development of the game itself, as well as its expansions thus far, from Sacrifice of the Vaal, Forsaken Masters, and The Awakening, as well as the Talisman challenge leagues. They're packed full of goodies, containing new pets, portals, and physical merchandise. They give good value to those who get them, and they also help fund the rest of the development for Path of Exile: Ascendancy.

This free-to-play game has always depended on the ethical microtransactions and supporter packs to stay online, and it has done well so far. Most publishers would think that such a model is impossible to stay alive with, but Grinding Gear Games has been making it work well for Path of Exile, courtesy of its loyal player base and the value included in the game's purchasable content.

There are also new unique PoE items created by some of the game's supporters. Not only is Path of Exile offering tons of value to supporters, but also letting them create Path of Exile items for the game, making development a mutual give and take process. These three uniques are thematically interesting and can contribute quite a bit to gameplay due to their effects.

There's Kongming's Stratagem, an Ivory Spirit Shield that's great for casters, named after the legendary Chinese scholar Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms era (Kongming is his courtesy name). Then there's Rotgut, a Quicksilver Flask that boosts movement speed and gives frenzy charges. Finally, there's the Femurs of the Saints, a Primordial Staff that should work well with summoners.

Points purchases that were made from the start of November 13th (Pacific Time) onwards are counted towards supporter packs, and it's possible to upgrade to a supporter pack by crediting points up to 80% of the desired supporter pack's value. For those who have made their purchases, they stand to get them fairly soon.

The Ascendancy supporter packs are set to be released on Black Friday, November 27th. There won't be a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale this time around, but perhaps it's because they had just released the Ascendancy expansion.

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