Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Expansion

It seems that along with patch update 2.4.0, the time is right for yet another expansion for Path of Exile, and Grinding Gear Games has come up with a good one. Atlas of Worlds is a name that can bring up words like "grandeur" and "awe," which should give Path of Exile quite a boost. Perhaps Ascendancy had been too big for the game at its current state, as good as it is, so this should put things back in good order.

This is so as much of the additions to the game through this expansion is all about expanding the end game. The Atlas of Worlds itself is a new way to delve deeper into the game's map system, which should eliminate the confusion out of exploring the world of Wraeclast. The more you explore the Atlas, you'll eventually be able to upgrade maps and add mods to the Atlas itself, thus making it even more useful.

This is a boon for Path of Exile's end game as it adds more possibilities for a player who may have already reached most of the goals for the current character. There are items to help you do this, namely the Shaper's Orb and the Cartographer's Sextant. The former lets you upgrade a map on the Atlas by five tiers, while the latter adds a mod to a map on the Atlas. If you already know how maps work in Path of Exile, then what these PoE items do should be straightforward enough for you.

Aside from the Atlas of Worlds, there are also 19 new bosses to defeat. There will be over a dozen boss encounters before you have to face the four Guardians of the Void. Once you've beaten them all, you then earn the right to challenge the final boss himself—the Shaper. Much of what happens in this new expansion is due to his power, so you must become stronger and go through all the challenges in order to fight him head on.

This is the largest expansion yet in terms of the number of new areas. Atlas of Worlds will have 30 new maps for you to explore, thus increasing the end game map pool by almost 50%. If you think you're getting bored with the maps currently available, you'll have a lot more on your hands once this new expansion finally arrives.

Along with new maps and enemies are new items for you to pick up and use. There will be dozens of new unique Path of Exile items to dig through, including some that introduce entirely new base item types. That's definitely a good way to motivate players to explore the new maps, which definitely adds a lot more hours into the gameplay.

There will be more additions like the much-demanded performance improvements like support for multithreaded CPUs, which should make the game client run even faster and take advantage of newer hardware. There will also be new challenge leagues and new Atlas supporter packs for anyone interested in exclusive armour sets, weapon effects, and so on.

Whether you're a returning player or still playing, this is a great time indeed to play Path of Exile with the new Atlas of Worlds expansion coming very soon.

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