Path of Exile Aura Marauder Build Guide

Most people see the Marauder as a character class that tanks and attacks up front, and no one is really at fault for limiting it to that picture. However, as with a whole lot of things in Path of Exile, character classes like the Marauder don't have to be limited to their supposed archetypes and design since you can take them however you wish. If you want to come up with a different kind of Marauder that isn't just about being a ruthless melee killing machine that has pretty much become vanilla these days, then perhaps you'd want one that every party would love to be friends with.

As an aura marauder, you are basically a man of the people. If playing with public parties are your thing, then having an aura marauder should be great for any party out there. You can tank, you have auras and shared Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges. But beware as this is not a build for either the super casual or the faint-hearted as it focuses on effectiveness in supporting other characters above all else, so you definitely won't be going 1v1 against even white mobs. With this build, you should most likely never play alone at all.

But the cool thing about this build is that even if you are playing on a computer with low-end specs, this build should still be easy enough to handle. What this character mostly does is it runs the essential auras and buffs them up as much as possible, and that's it. Other characters can go do their own curses because this character build is all about specializing in those auras and never letting them go while running around and buffing the party.

That does sound simple indeed, but also a whole load of responsibilities. You will have to level in a certain way, wear specific Path of Exile items, and do the same things over and over again. While it can be considered hardcore-viable, that's only when you're able to play exactly the the requirements of any particular situation and/or location. For instance, you might as well not run PoE items or aura like Purity of Ice in a +lightning damage crematorium since that would be counterproductive.

You have three main options with leveling this character build. First is to just join public parties, which can be rather slow and inconsistent. While you may collect not as much experience for your character, you yourself learn as you go through this gameplay method. The second option is to have a friend simply level alongside you, which should be easy enough. The third option is to find all the leveling uniques you can get your hands on and farm efficient zones with stuff like Flame Totem, Firestorm, or other similarly powerful standalone active skills.

Once you hit level 52, you can then run all 4 offensive auras and other players will flock towards you to join their public party. You will start start getting more friend invites, and you are pretty much a people person in the game by then.

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