Path of Exile Best Builds for Beginners

As one of the best online action role-playing games available right now, Path of Exile has both depth and accessibility that makes it a great game for those who like the genre. However, it can be a rabbit hole that's too deep for casual fans, so it can be intimidating for the uninitiated. When it comes to that, they could then be open to some character builds that don't require a lot of expensive Path of Exile items.

These builds give newbie players a way to learn the game through an in-depth manner and build up on equipment and wealth. Here are some of those builds.

Lightning Arrow Frenzy Ranger

Ranged characters are usually the prime choice for beginners as they don't get hit as much by enemies. They also require less gear to be effective in combat, although they require a bit more babysitting. This particular build is centered around two skills, which are Lightning Arrow and Frenzy for the Ranger. The first one is the main damage source, while the latter improves attack speed and casting speed which each charge for more DPS.

Groundslammer Marauder

Melee characters can still be used by beginners if desired, so long as they can deliver maximum damage to the most number of enemies all at once down the line. This is what this build is good for, making use of high armor and life pool for defense while dishing out tons of splash damage with two-handed weapons (maces are better than axes in this case). You can get by with using gear acquired from vendors, which makes this ideal for newbies.

Tanky Templar

Offense can be traded a bit for more defense, which makes for a character that requires less micromanagement in combat. This is a fairly straightforward build, although its best for softcore leagues if used by beginners. This build makes use of one-handed weapons since you need a shield for more armor. It does mean a lot of vitality and armor passives to form the foundation for this build.

Tempest Shield and Punishment are taken for deflecting damage, while Life Steal support gems make life much easier as well. As for damage, Lightning Strike is one of the better options for offense so that you don't have to just stand there for long periods of time while waiting for enemies to die from your puny damage.

Dual-Totem Dual-Curse Chaos Innoculation Elemental Equilibrium Hybrid Summoning Sporker

That's quite a mouthful, but that's just because this build features a lot of options for those who use it. If used properly, magic characters can do some serious stuff in combat by having totems and minions take care of enemies while you stack up on other spells for survivability. As long as a magic character can keep from getting hit, enemies will be taken care of. It's entirely possible to do this build from scratch with a Witch, so long as you're able to get the necessary skills.

Due to the nature of this build though, it's not for those who like dealing damage by themselves. But if you like to play with style and flair, then this build will give you tons of entertainment as it does look cool when executed properly in combat.

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