Path of Exile Best Melee Skills

Despite having a good balance of classes, it's undeniable that playing the melee classes seems to be the most kinesthetically satisfying due to the impact of the blows and seeing enemies fall before you in such an up-close-and-personal way. That is why there is always a bit of a debate on which melee skills are best.

All melee skills in the game are good, no matter what Path of Exile items you may have equipped, but you have to pick which one is best for you and your character. Since melee characters need more defense than ranged characters, the melee skills utilized have to be really good in order to make up for the offensive stats and give the character more functionality in combat.

Since some of the game's biggest strengths is in character building and the active skill gems, the primary damage-dealing skill is a central focus in just about everyone's game. There are plenty of melee skills to choose from, each with its own areas of effectiveness and ways of delivering the damage. From the most basic and straightforward skills for bashing enemies to the more augmented and elaborate.

For most veteran players, Cleave first comes to mind when it comes to melee skills, and it was very good for a time before a patch made it a bit less effective for game balance reasons. Cyclone is also good but controversial one as while it does do good damage and is fun to use, it causes desync in the game that can be annoying. While people want to like Cyclone, that desync issue keeps it from being all that it can really be.

A lot of melee skills work best when used in combination with another skill. There are some that just take some support gems to become nominally better, like Dominating Blow with Added Damage and Increased Duration that is solid, but does require the character to have a considerable amount of mana to use. Then there are those that are true combos that transform the active skill into something more effective. For instance, Reave with Multistrike is a popular and fun combination that takes out mobs of enemies quite well.

There are plenty of others that players have expressed preference to, like Flicker Strike, Glacial Hammer, Molten Strike, Doublestrike, and so on. They all have their own advantages, and the best ones seem to be those that can synergize with other skills. That's also dependent on the chosen character class, the playing style employed by the player, the equipment available, the chosen build, and the other skills that can be used in synergy with it. All these factors go into making a melee skill as effective as it can be.

The good thing about Path of Exile is that not one skill takes precedence over others in terms of effectiveness. It's just that there are some that more players prefer due to various reasons, including ease of use, availability, and other factors. As long as you know how to use that skill in just about every situation, then you should find the melee skill that's right for you.

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