Path of Exile Best Vendor Recipes

Many new players in Path of Exile may be confused when they hear about vendor recipes, thinking that they are item recipes that are provided by special vendors that let you give certain items in exchange of something special. However, it's not so as it is more about the unique way that this game treats economy. Basically, when a player sells an item to a vendor, the items that the player gets in return is determined by vendor recipes.

Those Path of Exile items that the player gets in return are currency items and equipment that can then be used for either trade or other purposes in the game. Each vendor recipe requires semi-specific items or combinations of items to be put in the sell window simultaneously, and the result can change depending on the recipes that have been matched. Each item may only be sued for a single recipe at a time unless indicated otherwise.

There are many vendor recipes in Path of Exile that are worth considering, some being more worth the time and effort than others. Some of them can be useful at certain times, while many others could just be skipped over. There are some that provide easy options for producing currency items, which make them too good to pass up and can help you become wealthier with a good bit of patience.

Here are three of the best vendor recipes that you should definitely be interested in making use of. They are the most basic ones you should know of in order to get started with getting rich through this method.

Chromatic Orbs

This is probably the easiest of recipes to make use of. All you need is an item of any rarity with 3 linked gem sockets of different colors (red, green, and blue) to get a Chromatic Orb. While it's not the quickest way to get rich in Path of Exile, you'll find that they're quite plentiful during your adventures, and many players who are already quite rich don't bother picking them up. Keep an eye out for them while farming, especially if you're doing so in a group.

You can get an Exalted Orb from selling 200 Chromatic Orbs, although you may actually want to use some of them for your own gear along the way. It's not the most efficient way to get rich, but every bit helps anyway, and cheap Chromatic Orbs are always sought.

Quality Gems for Gemcutter's Prism

Selling multiple gems with a combined quality of 40% to the vendor gets you a Gemcutter's Prism, which is worth about 15 Alchemy. This is perhaps one of the little known tricks that most players don't know about, and it's pretty good for getting rich. But that's also why there are a lot of spammers who buy low-quality gems for 1 Alchemy, since buying around 8 gems with 5% +quality on each of them means that you can multiply your investment quite a bit.

Save your +quality gems whenever you can and sell them to the vendor for a Gemcutter's Prism whenever you can. If you have anything over 12% +quality, then you can sell them for 2-3 Gemcutter's Prisms to players.

Chaos Orbs

There are three Chaos recipes that you should know. The first two require selling a full set of yellow (rare) items, namely a two-handed weapon (or a one-handed weapon and shield), head, gloves, boots, chest, belt, amulet, and two rings. If it totals to +20% quality, you'll get 2 Chaos Orbs for your trouble, and 1 if there's no +quality in them.

The third recipe involves selling a set of unidentified rare items, which nets you 2 Chaos Orbs. If they have +20% quality, then you get 3 Chaos Orbs. The problem here though is that it's risky selling unidentified items since you might be throwing something away that's actually worth more than what you're getting from the vendor, which would be quite a waste. There are tons of such items in Docks and other low-level maps though, so you may want to farm there.

All items have to be level 60 or higher for this recipe to work, so don't be disappointed if you get bupkiss if you vendor anything less than that.

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