Path of Exile Burning Discharge Build

One of the best character builds in Path of Exile that many veteran players stand by is the Discharge Witch, which has become a standard when it comes to farming builds. However, there isn't only one Discharge Witch build to rule them all as there are plenty of variations to keep things interesting. The Burning Discharge build is one of them, and it's great for players who want to burn everything on the screen. While it has undergone some changes throughout the game's history, it still works quite well to this day.

The biggest appeal of Discharge builds is the fireworks that goes on when it's in action, and it's not just for show. The tremendous area of effect takes tons of enemies out all at once, making great for farming experience and items. While the build can be used by every character class in various configurations, perhaps the Witch is the one best fit for this due to being a magic class and being able to supplement Discharge with other skills, letting the player truly maximize its potential. There is also a need for survivability, so this build must be balanced to give both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Some may want to have a glass cannon build, but that's more for softcore leagues since you're not supposed to die in hardcore leagues. If you really want to worry less about survivability, then maybe you should forgo the Witch and choose the Templar instead, a class that is much better in melee range, which means that he is more accustomed to taking damage up front and stay alive. The Templar variation of the Burning Discharge build benefits from the dual focus on Strength/Intelligence, which makes for a good balance between offense and defense, making him easier to keep alive than the Witch. It gets even better once you get good Path of Exile items to bring it all together.

The primary active skill for this build is Discharge, which lets characters dish out tons of elemental damage, regardless of skill in magic. When a character has charges built up, whether from skills like Frenzy or from Power or Endurance Charges gathered during combat, they can be used for Discharge. This build is centered around that concept, maximizing the damage from Discharge and its frequency. From this base, any character class can aspire to use Discharge for farming and leveling in their own way.

You then use Elemental Proliferation to make it spread to other nearby enemies, making Discharge an AOE skill. Without this, the build does not work at all and you'd rather use a melee skill to do most of your killing. It proliferates different kinds of elemental damage, including that from Chance to Ignite and Fire Penetration that gives this build its burning component. You basically set whatever enemies there may be on screen alight in a blaze. All that is left once you have all the pieces together is to lure packs of enemies to get the biggest hit possible to make fights easier.

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