Path of Exile Child's Play Charity Event

Ever since the official release of this game, things had been getting better as time goes on. As if there is not enough that make this game great, it seems that Path of Exile is starting to even change the world. Not only is the game beneficial for players, but even for those who may not be playing it as well. Grinding Gear Games had announced that they are having a two week long charity event in the game for the cause of Child's Play.

For those who have never heard of this non-profit organization before, Child's Play was established back in 2003 for children who have to stay in hospitals, giving them toys and video games with the help of hospital staff to give hope and pick them up from their plight. They have raised millions of dollars to improve the lives of children over the years, and you can also do your part by donating to this organization. With the help of Grinding Gear Games, you can do so by playing Path of Exile.

There will be a two-week Ambush/Invasion race event aimed to benefit Child's Play, raising both money and awareness for children. It has already started back in May 10, and it will end on May 24 at 1PM Pacific. There will also be a microtransaction Path of Exile item that can be bought by those who are interested, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to Child's Play. The item is a new helmet skin called the Angelic Mask, which costs $5 and it is available only during the event.

The Ambush/Invasion race event will also have prizes to be won by players picked at random in various tiers of levels, depending on how far they end up at the end. There are not only great in-game prizes, but also real ones that will be given to lucky participants of the event who happen to be chosen. They can win one of the following:

Level 15: 100 stash tab bundles
Level 20: 100 premium stash tabs
Level 25: 10 Razer mice
Level 30: 5 Razer keyboards
Level 35: 5 NVIDIA high-end graphics cards
Level 50: 10 complete sets of Seraph microtransactions at level 50
Level 65: 5 sets of signed early PoE concept art prints at level 65
Level 85: A one-hour private Q&A with Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rogers, and Erik Olofsson of Grinding Gear Games

Aside from those, there will also be an Alternate Art Demigod's Bounty unique items for the top 5 players (ranked by experience). The fun and prizes to be had are all Path of Exile for two weeks in the name of Child's Play.

It is a nice thought to have when you know that not only are you playing a good game that is constantly breaking ground in its genre, but it is also supporting a good cause. Path of Exile is breaking new ground in gaming once again, and it is awesome that we can all be a part of it for something good.

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