Path of Exile Content Update 2.3.0 and Prophecy Challenge Leagues

It has been a while since the last update, which is why Grinding Gear Games has come out with both the newest challenge league and the next major content update just now. Not only does it come with a patch to fix things up, but also yet another new way to play the game, at least while it lasts, which is something players should definitely look forward to.

The biggest thing that comes with the new content update is the challenge league. The Prophecy Challenge League will come in two flavors—Standard and Hardcore. Both have similar mechanics and PoE items, so players won't miss out on anything by choosing one over the other. This Prophecy league comes with a very interesting mechanic that should mix things up.

One monster per area will drop a Silver Coin, which can then be exchanged for a vision of your future. You give that coin to an NPC in town named Navali, a Karui Soothsayer who takes Silver Coins in exchange for telling your personal prophecy. That prophecy then shows up in your Prophecy screen, which will log that and six other prophecies you gather throughout your tenure in the league. Your goal is to get all seven prophecies for something special, along with completing all the other challenges as per any challenge league.

These prophecies foretell the future of what will happen to your character. Basically, they affect what you encounter later in certain areas and perhaps even the whole league as you keep playing. It can also change when certain conditions in the game will trigger, as well as change their results depending on the prophecy you get. This makes this online role-playing game a bit less predictable, which could be what you'd want to see after playing through the same areas for some time.

Navali can also seal prophecies for more Silver Coins. You can actually trade sealed prophecies with other players, making them an actual commodity in the league. It's an interesting mechanic that can also be used to hasten the process in case some people don't want to go through the process of finding more Silver Coins and have some currency to spare.

There are also nine new unique Path of Exile items exclusive to the Prophecy Challenge League, as well as rewards for completing challenges. Out of the 40 challenges in this league, you get the Prophecy Footprints effect when you complete 12 of them; you get the Prophecy Weapon effect when you complete 24 challenges; you get Nevali's Monkey Pet named Yama the White when you complete 36 challenges. These are microtransactions exclusive to this league as well.

Then there are the fixes typical in most patches. This one has a fix for how the game client handles memory usage, which improves performance in lower-end computers and reducing "Out of Memory" crashes. That's definitely a good thing since that helps players with older computers to keep playing and having fun without having to worry about technical problems.

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