Path of Exile: Crafting with the Masters

Crafting with Masters allows you to add certain affixes to improve or boost that equipment’s attributes. This opens a whole new world of possibilities with your Exile since you don’t really have to dispose your beloved helmet for example, and just craft that +XX Maximum Life directly to it. Affixes range from stat boosts to Intelligence and Dexterity even to ups for Movement Speed and and Energy Shield. This gives you a chance to take the offensive capabilities of your Exile further or to strengthen whatever aspect of your Exile that’s lacking.

This type of crafting can even be used to improve your financial capabilities. Let’s say you picked up a good pair of boots but do not have Movement Speed. All you have to do is pay visit to a Master and add the Movement Speed or any other key attributes to raise its market value significantly. The six affixes and 3 suffixes limit still plays as a factor here though so craft carefully.

Keep in mind too that you can’t just craft any affix or suffix onto a piece of equipment. Each type of armor has certain affixes and suffixes that you can add to it.

ZiggyD made this Google Spreadsheet for Mods and is a good way to plan ahead on what you need for your equipment.

In general, this crafting system gave players more leeway to build their offensive, defensive and financial strength. You can now fill gaps on your armors like raising survivability with boosts to Life and Resistances or maybe you just want to pack more punch to your Maces by adding ups to Physical Damage.

Any way you look at it this system was devised to help players and give them an easier life in the game. Are you ready to try this?

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