Path of Exile Dual Claw Shadow

The Shadow is mostly seen as a cool-looking character class that may seem more like smoke and mirrors than guts and grit as would be fitting in this game. But that is furthest from the truth as a character build exists that will combine the coolness of the shadow along with his killing capacity. The Dual Claw Shadow is such an awesome-looking build, players should try it out and see how good things can get for the Shadow.

This is a melee build that had recently been featured by Grinding Gear Games as their build of the week. While not totally unusual, it's one of those builds that don't get as much attention as many others used by the hardcore crowd, but it's still something that could be fun to play with. As is usual with Path of Exile, experimentation and exploration are central to the overall gameplay experience. Making concepts for builds like this work is something that makes Path of Exile engaging.

The primary skill is Dual Strike, supported by Melee Splash. It can then be augmented by Melee Physical Damage, Item Rarity, Faster Attacks, and Multistrike. The aim is to gain as much DPS while being able to deliver it to as many enemies as possible in each attack. By having two claws, you are able to deliver that DPS at high attack speed with a splash radius, which is also helpful in boosting critical attack rating with Increased Critical Strikes and making use of it with Power Charge on Critical.

If you have the Path of Exile items necessary to give you more room to breathe, then there are also other things that you can do with this build. You can add more effects to increase either offensive capability or survivability, such as Life Leech, more AoE damage, or so on. Most of the things that apply to other melee builds are also good for this one, considering that the only difference between this and something like a Groundslammer Marauder is attack speed, among a few other things.

Crucial keystone passives such as Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics, Vaal Pact, and such are important to form the backbone for survivability as the Shadow is not as meaty as the Marauder. It also uses the Hatred Aura for extra cold damage and Purity of Elements Aura for more elemental resistances. Most of the defense comes from dodge and evasion, as well as block from Acrobatics. You'd also have Vaal Pact and Vaal Skeletons, the latter of which serve as meat shields when needed. Other than that, you should have a fairly large health pool to form the foundation of your survivability.

While this build is viable for Hardcore, it must be played with much caution due to being a melee build, so you are susceptible to most weaknesses that other melee characters have. You'll need anti bleed, freeze, shock, and burn flasks on you at all times. Other than that, this build is good fun to play with for those who like something a bit more different.

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