Path of Exile Echoed Raging Spirits

The great thing about Path of Exile is that even when there are already established character builds and ways to play the game, there is always something new that pops up on a regular basis. This is rare in other action role-playing games, and it's something that Grinding Gear Games strives to achieve in this genre. Therefore, for those who want something out of the ordinary, yet still effective in combat, then here is the Echoed Raging Spirits build.

This build is centered around the sinner tricorne headgear Alpha's Howl, 70% Effect of Auras, and the great mallet Chober-Chaber. Take note that playing this build will feel a bit odd for those who have not tried something like this before, but you'll get used to it. This build starts rather slow since Spirits don't start getting good until later in the game, so you'll have to use something else to level up first. Despite this, the Echoed Raging Spirits build is actually quite easy to play once you get the gist of it. It's also not that dependent on Path of Exile items, so even beginners can try this out and feel good about playing it due to the high damage output, good survivability, and effectiveness in party play.

You can make use of Elemental Buzzsaw to level up first, then switch to pure Spirits once you reach a high enough level. This may seem like a contrived path to take, but there are plenty of builds that do the same anyway. But once you go full Spirits, you can cast Auras, Clarity, and Discipline, then run in and kill packs with Spirits with either Flesh Offering or Elemental Weakness. You can then summon some weapons and spam Spirits while casting Flesh Offering whenever it runs out. Keep summoning weapons off mobs and repeat the cycle, then cast Convocation whenever you lose your weapons.

A notable weakness of this build is that the Spirits can't be targeted, so they actually can't tank damage for you like a Summoner's summons can. Therefore, if you have no weapons and are facing some Exiles or bosses, then you'll find it really hard to survive and win. But that's also where the build's effectiveness in party play comes in, so that your mates can make up for your weaknesses and your spirits can do a lot to help out in fights. This build is definitely recommended for those who have friends to play with or are not shy in joining groups for farming and such.

Unfortunately, despite its effectiveness in certain areas of play, it's also one of those builds that can't solo certain map mods easily. Even if not impossible, you'll find them quite hard to do, but it's alright if you go with a party. Despite its limitations here, take it as a chance to do some party play with this build and see how good you can have it as a result. This build is mostly about putting fun back into Path of Exile, which is enough reason for you to try it out.

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