Path of Exile Elementalist Ascendancy Class

The new Path of Exile expansion called Ascendancy is about to go live on March 4th, so there’s a lot of excitement going on at the moment as that day draws near. With all of the new content coming in, Grinding Gear Games seems to be pulling out all the stops to make the game even more engaging. Out of all the new Ascendancy classes coming out all at once, we now take a look at the Elementalist class for the Witch—an archon of pure destructive power.

Out of all the nineteen Ascendancy classes split between the seven basic classes in the game, the Elementalist is perhaps the one that best embodies the forces of nature in the game. She taps into those forces in their purest form and vanquishes her enemies with fire, ice, and lightning. If you’re after purely offensive magic, then the Elementalist may be what you’re looking for.

Among the Witch's options for Ascendancy, the Elementalist seems to fit the "unstable magic" archetype. She makes use of primal forces of nature to decimate enemies. Pendulum of Destruction is the foundation of the Elementalist's arsenal, doubling elemental damage for every 4 out of 10 seconds. This is best when used with a sense of timing, unleashing spells when it's in full effect. Mastermind of Discord is all about encouraging the Elementalist to be a master of many elements and not just one, granting damage penetration for fire, cold, and lightning. This is especially great for multi-element spells such as Discharge.

Paragon of Calamity is pretty much what the Elementalist is all about. For every element you've been hit by, you gain increased damage for that element. That means you are able to give back what you've been dealt with, and then some. Combined with Pendulum of Destruction and Mastermind of Discord, you can lay waste to everything around you. This is also good when combined with Path of Exile items like Cloak of Flame, which turns a percentage of physical damage taken as fire damage so that you have increase to your fire damage all the time.

Shaper of Desolation grants Arcane Conflux, which is a new powerful effect that lets you chill, ignite, and shock with all the damage you deal. That means pretty much everything you throw when you have this skill has elemental effects. Beacon of Ruin increases your splash damage potential, making you a bane for large groups of enemies. With this skill, you can say "the more, the merrier."

Liege of the Primordial gives you a chance to summon a elemental golem when you kill an enemy with elemental damage, so you get a meat shield and a bit more damage whenever it works. All the other passive skills in the Elementalist tree is for increasing elemental damage and status ailment duration so that you can have both burst damage and crowd control all in one package.

As you can see, having just one of these classes is already a leap, so imagine nineteen of them being added with the new expansion. There's a whole lot more to dig through now, which means players have more reason to stick around to see what new neat stuff there is to be had in the game. If you like exploring possibilities and sifting through new lore and mechanics, then the Ascendancy expansion should be what you're expecting.

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