Path of Exile Extreme CWDT Build

Whenever cast when damage taken (CWDT) builds are brought up, most Path of Exile players imagine spells spilling forth from a character who got hurt by an enemy for a while, then the cycle repeats. It's all well and good; many of the best builds in the game are CWDT builds, and they're quite fun to play with for many people. However, it can be taken much further with some tweaks, as well as perhaps a demented imagination.

This extreme take on the CWDT build puts the fun back into what now seems to be a standard build in the game. From the active and passive skills involved, to the Path of Exile items to be equipped, this build throws away much of the sense and reason that usually comes with a usual CWDT build in favor of ramping up its offensive capabilities as far up as possible. The result would be nothing short of extreme, as long as the build is done as correctly crazy as you can.

The class used for making this build is a Shadow, but you can most likely do this with a Witch or maybe even a Tempest as well. But then again, you'd need a good bit of health and defense, so make sure your chosen character class can take punishment, as all CWDT characters should. What makes that doubly important is the absence of active skills in this build; it's all cast when damage taken and not much else. When they said "extreme," they really meant it.

A great thing about this build is that even when you're frozen or stunned, you can still cast and kill. Same thing when you're AFK; just stand there and take it, which results in torrents of your own spells being triggered. Since those spells are cast on damage taken, there's no real need for mana. You can also abuse Vaal Molten Shell with this, so go ahead with it as you please. Finally, there are only three essential PoE items here裕he Harvest, Doedre's Elixirs, and an Unset Ring.

However, The Harvest is really expensive, so you should either get rich or get lucky. Also, as with any CWDT build, your character needs to be hurt to deal damage, so you may find yourself in rough predicaments fairly often, especially if you make a mistake by running out of flask charges. Finally, the most glaring problem with this build is the lag. With all of that flashy stuff happening on screen all at once, as this build is designed to do, then you might even crash your game due to the sheer power of your spells.

While it truly is crazy, you may find this build to be worth getting into due to the cool factor and the on-screen fireworks. Maybe you can even add something like Cast on Death to really spruce it up; you die with one last barrage to take enemies with you. As far as crowd pleasers go in this game, this build certain can entertain (as long as you're not lagging up the game).

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