Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters

Forsaken Masters, the upcoming second mini-expansion for Path of Exile, is coming really soon and has some new and exciting features that will change the way the game is played yet again. The most prominent of these is the Masters, who can give you missions to do Master Levelling. This has been talked about quite a bit leading up to this mini-expansion as it bears its namesake. All of these features are planned to be accessible to both low-level and high-level players alike.

However, there are also a ton of other features that are here as well, whether they're related to the Masters or not. The thing about this mini-expansion is that it seems to be serving as a bridge of sorts for Grinding Gear Games to further their continued support and development for Path of Exile in the coming future. They've also been planning to change and update their development manifesto with the release of this mini-expansion, and they're having the community join the conversation about it. Since they're having around two mini-expansions added to the game every year, there's a lot more to come.

Aside from the Masters, the major addition that players are getting excited for is the Hideout. Upon earning a Master's trust, you are then transported to a Hideout, which is your very own custom town. Masters that you've encountered and acquired through your travels can then reside here, so you can get daily missions and training in advanced crafting options from them. It also serves as a quiet place for resting and resupplying, as well as crafting after battle. For those who are in Guilds, the Hideout can also serve as a personalized Guild Hall with numerous decorations and customizations of your choosing.

Expanding upon the advanced crafting options in your Hideout, you have a Crafting Bench upon which you can make and manipulate items throughout whatever you gain from your Masters. Whether you want to modify sockets or craft special mods, you may do so with the Crafting Bench. It even lets you modify corrupted items so that you can actually make use of them yourself. With each upgrade, your Crafting Bench becomes more useful and you can get more out of it.

This is known as deterministic crafting, which is something that Grinding Gear Games has designed in order to improve the PoE crafting system. Aside from the aforementioned features of socketing corrupted items and such, it lets players have a lower-variance way to socket and link items. While there's still some RNG involved, there are now options for players who don't want to go through 2000 fusings only to fail six-linking an item. You can now pay just 1500 to socket and link a Path of Exile item on the Crafting Bench. However, it's still not any easier to create perfect rares, as it should be.

There will also be passive skill tree changes that will affect msotly the Witch, Shadow, and Ranger classes. For instance, the area for the Shadow is now divided between physical and elemental sections, as opposed to melee and spellcaster sections from before. You can now come up with character builds more easily and comprehensively due to these changes.

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