Path of Exile Gets Twitch Livestreaming Capabilities

Online live streaming is one of the great new things to have come out in recent years in PC gaming. While the desktop streaming technology had been there for quite some time, it was not until late 2010 and early 2011 when it became truly in demand., the premiere streaming service on the Internet, had been so inundated by gamers who started streaming their own gameplay that they then branched off to a new service that now caters exclusively to gamers --

One of the most streamed games in Twitch is a game we all know and love, which is Path of Exile. You can even go to Twitch right now and browse through the games being streamed, and Path of Exile will be among the top ten games there. Now with games and even whole platforms starting to have streaming technology integrated into them, Grinding Gear Games had seen it fit to do the same with Path of Exile. This is good news for Path of Exile players who are engaged in the community and are willing to put themselves out there, battling monsters and getting the best Path of Exile items that everyone would covet.

Once Twitch integration has been implemented, you can stream gameplay directly from the game client with full webcam support, so you won't need to tinker around with additional streaming applications and such. You also can look at the channel chat, so you can converse with other players and viewers through the stream. All of these features make for real-time spectatorship possible. There will also be leaderboards that players can browse to know who is playing and who is at the top of the food chain.

First of all, players who want to make use of these features must have a Twitch account, which is free to register and use. You can then connect through the game client to see other profiles and watch player streams. In addition to this, Grinding Gear Games is also adding new events in the game as we head on over to the new season. Players can now participate in various new things like the single-player challenges as part of the "Descent League". Once we have the Twitch integration, we can show ourselves getting into those challenges through streaming and be part of the whole spectacle. In fact, you can start streaming now and be part of the movement so that once the new feature does come, you'll be comfortable with it and be an integral part of the community while building up your characters and getting all the good PoE items that you can get your hands on.

This is quite a big thing indeed, especially for a game that is free-to-play right now in open beta. Grinding Gear Games has made it a point to make Path of Exile such an innovative game that is always one step ahead of the rest. There are other new games out there these days with integrated stream technology, like Company of Heroes 2 and Dota 2. Path of Exile shall join those ranks and spearhead the movement for the online action role playing games, which is a genre that will definitely benefit from online live streaming.

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