Path of Exile Gripes and Gaffes

The game of Path of Exile is quite good as an action role-playing game with tons of great gameplay features that MMO gamers can really gravitate to, especially with its innovative in-game economy and character progression. But like with any other game, you'll start to notice some things that are not so desirable in the game. They're not big enough to be major sticking points, but they still stick in one's craw at times while playing. This is merely a list of things that you have to be wary of in the game. They are not necessarily bad things in the long run, but some of them may not be to your liking. Here are some of the more questionable things you have to remember while playing Path of Exile.

For starters, trading can be a bit of a pain in this game. A big part of this game is the loot and the trading between players, but trading itself is hard to grasp. You could be trying to trade currency with other players, but you may spend most of your time spamming trade channels and come up with only players who are looking to slip you a mickey. They would expect a good chunk in profit when you're exchanging currency and refuse most attempts in negotiation, so you'll spend most of your time just sitting there, waiting for someone with genuine intentions. If you're thinking of mastering the trading of Path of Exile items, you may want to think about it very carefully due to this.

It's not just about looking for people to trade with, but trading items itself is also a bit of a pain. If you have nothing better than a Unique or a GG item, no one is buying what you have to sell. This means that you better grind it out double time and farm some good stuff if you ever want to get further, which makes this game a big time investment. If you're a casual player but thinking of getting good, then you may have a problem there. At the very least, Standard league shouldn't be so cutthroat and could still be conducive enough for casual play, and it does make up what this game stands for in terms of its system of economy.

Before the official release, there was also a thing about certain items being way too useful. Kaom's Heart was a good example of this as it's so good that it perhaps became an absolute necessity for just about everyone. Everyone was farming for it for months at a time, with most character builds not giving alternatives that are as good as it. Since then, its health bonus has been nerfed to just 500 health, which makes it not as useful as it used to be. The thing about such instances is that since it's a very in-demand item that is rare, prices are very high and not having one means that you're weak, which was a downer to say the least.

Getting past level 85 is a gigantic pain for a number of reasons. While it's not impossible to reach level 100 at all, it does take a lot of grinding to get there. The immediate solution to this is to get access to high level maps, but it's not helped by how hard it is to sustain map pools, in which case it's easy to run out once you hit higher levels. Maps in this game are for getting into harder levels to facilitate the endgame and giving more reasons to keep playing, but this isn't really that close to getting there.

There are a lot of other bumps like the magic find and item filtering, which you'll encounter if you play it long enough. This is no way meant to be a disservice to the game, but they're still worth noting.

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