Path of Exile Guide to Racing Builds

Some of the things that make Path of Exile a unique game among the vast online action role-playing game genre are its features that are rare or even unseen in its counterparts. One of those is the race league, which is a concept that seems obvious for the genre, but does very well in making the game more dynamic and competitive. Throughout its existence, players have been coming up with better ways to go about it, and those who are wanting to get into race leagues can look into the innovations and foundations set for racing builds these days.

Due to the nature of race leagues, there are a few things to remember. For one thing, the Path of Exile items that you get to use may not be certain since most of what you get to equip are whatever you farm and encounter throughout your run. In the case of 1-hour races, you can't really count on the really big items due to the time constraint, so you only really have the planned character build itself and the progression to go on. Planning and execution in the game gets stretched to the limit in race leagues, so it is important to determine the most crucial elements in playing them optimally.

Speed is the key with racing builds, as most would deduce by now. There is move speed, which lets the character traverse the maps more quickly. Then there is damage per second that dictates how quickly one can take out enemies at any given time. Both combined, as well as skill synergy and the spells used to kill enemies, make for the clearing speed that is the most crucial element of racing builds. Once that is figured out, everything else is about having ample survivability to stay in the game throughout the whole race, just enough to stay alive but not too much that it takes points away from other areas.

If you're not sure about which build you want to go with, then the best way to go about it is a build that you are familiar with. There's no real need to go for a class and build that you know little about and think that it is the best for that purpose when you already know one with a class that you have gotten used to playing. For example, a leap slam marauder is already quite good for racing due to how effective it can be when played right. In the end, the character you know best is what will work well in a race league. The objective for most people is to finish the race well, and those who have gotten used to that process can then take the next step and try to win it.

Whether you are just challenging yourself or actually contending for victory, the character build you use for the race leagues in Path of Exile is less about getting everything perfect and more on being able to play the character as smoothly as possible. That is what helps race leagues add a new dimension to Path of Exile in the first place.

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