Path of Exile Iron Reave Build Guide

Being able to do things fast in Path of Exile is something that beginners will eventually catch on to as they play more of the game. One of the things that surely can't be done fast enough in Path of Exile is clearing maps, perhaps one of the major things players do in the game. If there is ever a build that can help players clear as quickly as possible, that definitely needs some testing. Many of them are rather complicated though, having to take on various things in order to do its job. However, here's one that you can take to without too much complication, and it goes by a fairly simple named Iron Reave.

It is basically a pseudo Dual Wield Reaver based on an earlier design that became popular, the Southpaw Ranger. The principle for this build is to use an offhand weapon that can't be used for reave to get a dual wield bonus, then get dual wield block and use offhand weapons that give passive benefits to the main hand weapon. Basically, it's a dual wield build that is not really dual wield, which may seem confusing but is actually rather simple when you think about it. The offhand weapon is just there for bonuses, and that's it.

As of the current patch, evasion does not seem to be viable as a main source of defense, so you may want to skip Acrobatics in favor of Iron Reflexes. That is where this build gets the "iron" part of its name, and the results are actually quite astounding. With this combination, you can get a good amount of block and armour to build up a formidable defense against high physical hits. This build can fit duelists, rangers, and shadows equally well.

With this build, you get great mobility and good damage that makes for pretty high clear speed, which is perfect for runs. You can also get a permanent Ironskin Flask if you get the Surgeons Mod, which is a major part of this build. However, you are still pretty much a melee character, so you may still find some bosses to be a hardship, especially if you do not have the right Path of Exile items as gear. Also, while you have good defense against physical attacks, you may not be so hard against high elemental damage, so do still be careful when up against that.

If you are able to pull this build off well enough, you should get some pretty high numbers on your stats. You should have 148% max life, with +14 from jewel slots, 21% additional block chance, 5 frenzy charges, 4 power charges, 325% critical chance, 338% increased sword attack damage, and 56% increased attack speed; all at level 85. You will be able to increase these even more with nearby nodes at subsequent levels.

All of that does sound quite enticing, to say the least. If you are looking for more information on this build and what PoE items to use, you are in luck as it is a part of the officially endorsed community builds by Grinding Gear Games. For those who have the time and drive to try out a new build with high clear speed, then the Iron Reave build could do the trick.

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