Path of Exile Magic Find Items for Optimal Farming

Farming in Path of Exile, as with any other kind of action role-playing game, can get quite tedious and monotonous after a while. At that point, most players would want to find ways to make it easier or more entertaining along the way. Here in Path of Exile, there are ways to make farming more efficient through the use of items that give you increased magic find, although this game does have different two properties that combine to give just that.

Of course, you need to get the items that have these two properties, and unique items have them in spades. Before getting into the unique Path of Exile items that make for a good magic find character build, you must first get familiar with these two properties. They are IIR and IIQ, or Increased Item Rarity and Increased Item Quality, and they combine to make up your Magic Find that makes farming easier and more rewarding.

Eye of Chayula is a pretty good item that gives IIR while also giving you increase to maximum life and all attributes, as well as immunity to stun, which is helpful if you chose not to get the Unwavering Stance keystone. There's also Demigod's Bounty, which is a belt that gives lots of IIR and elemental resistances, and also increases character size.

Perandus Blazon is quite an item with lots of bonuses that goes with its IIQ, including increased block and stun recovery, increase to all attributes and fire resistance, increased flask effect duration, and reduction of physical damage taken from attacks. There is also the ever-present Andvarius, which is in the list due to being a ring with IIR and increase to dexterity while reducing all elemental resistances, which makes it a rather interesting item.

Thief's Torment is much talked-about due to both its massive amount of bonuses that goes with its IIQ and its flavor text. It gives elemental resistances, life and mana leech, and reduced effect of curses, but also at the cost of not being able to wear another ring to go with it. Making use of Thief's Torment means that you really have to consider it to be the best option or the only option for you to sacrifice your second ring slot.

Going away from rings and amulets, there's the Demogod's Stride boots that that does much of the same that the aforementioned Demigod's Bounty does, with additional elemental resistances to go with IIR and increased movement speed. If you want a more interesting item to put on your legs slot, then Sundance should be more viable for you with increased attack speed, evasion rating, fire resistance, and movement speed to go with its IIR.

Goldwyrm is a pair of boots that gives IIQ instead of IIR, and it also gives increased mana regeneration and fire resistance to go with increased movement speed. It's best for those who already have enough IIR and would like to have something to balance things out, not that its own stats are too shabby.

Aurseize is a pair of gloves that has IIR with increased armour and evasion, along with elemental resistances that is counteracted by a list reduction of movement speed. If you don't mind sillier-looking glves in your inventory, then Sadima's Touch is great for spellcasters as it gives additional fire and lightning damage to go with an increase to Energy Shield and IIQ.

For now, it seems like those are the best items for anyone planning a Magic Find build playthrough. There are many more items that should have IIR and IIQ, and players ought to seek more information regarding this in order to get a new edge whenever they go farming next time.

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