Path of Exile Patch 1.2.4 Major Content Update

There have been many content patches in Path of Exile that have added new depth and dimension to this game, but this particular one is literally shocking. There are new skills, items, microtransactions, tweaks, bug fixes, and many others to fine-tune the gameplay experience even more. As the game heads towards the one year anniversary as an officially released title, it seems that Grinding Gear Games has not stopped yet with their support for the game.

The biggest of the additions in this update are the two new Intelligence-based active skills that players are looking forward to, namely Herald of Thunder and Lightning Tendrils. The first one lets you channel lightning through your hands that lets you add lightning damage to spells and attacks, while the second one releases lightning from your hands in four quick successions that damages all enemies in an arc in front of you.

Both of these will be available to the Witch, Templar, and Scion; the Shadow will also be able to use Herald of Thunder. They are available through quests, with Herald of Thunder being from the Lost in Love quest in Act 3 Normal difficulty, and the Lightning Tendrils in the Enemy at the Gate qeust and for the Shadow from the Mercy Mission quest in Act 1 Normal difficulty. Being a quest reward makes them easy enough to get for even the most casual of players, which gives everyone in the game a chance to get them and test them out in combat.

Then there are the two new unique Path of Exile items, one of which was designed by a supporter. There are also new microtransaction skins for different items, namely the Seraph Skins set for Shields, One-handed Swords, Maces, Sceptres, and Axes. There is also a new category in the microtransactions for Hideout Decorations, in case you want to deck out your personal hideout with the eight new decorations. Then there is also the ninth race season, which should have the more competitive PoE players excited again.

There is also a tweak, among many that are added in this patch, wherein you can use Ctrl+Click to move items from inventory to crafting benches and map devices, including the map device in the Eternal Laboratory. This should make things easier, especially for those who like to get things done quick in the game. There are also other tweaks that include Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click to common functions in the game for quicker and easier actions within the interface.

Everything else are minor features like in the interface and artwork, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and so on. For more information on these changes, you may consult the official patch notes by Grinding Gear Games. As we near November and the end of 2014, it seems that Path of Exile is very much alive and the developers are doing a lot more to keep the momentum of the game going.

On December and all the way to next year, we can expect more content, including Act 4 and official PvP modes, as well as more promised mini-expansions to come.

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