Path of Exile Patch 2.1.1d Update

With the start of 2016, there is much promise that Path of Exile must continue to fulfill, which is why the updates are still pouring in from the waterfall that is Grinding Gear Games. This one is yet another stepping stone patch that should lead players to the next major content updates. Many of the changes included in this patch are the usual bug fixes and tweaks that you'd expect, but there are also some other significant updates.

For instance, they've added new Talismans to the Talisman Challenge Leagues, namely a Tier One Talisman called the Chrysalis Talisman and a Tier Two Talisman called the Horned Talisman. The Talisman Leagues are a new addition to the game that adds a pair of challenge leagues—one standard and one hardcore—with monsters possessed by Ezomyte Talismans. Killing those monsters lets you claim the Talismans for yourself. Each has its own Path of Exile items available.

As for the other changes, some are visual changes that improve how certain things look like in the game. There's the 3D art and effects for the Rigwald's Savagery and Rigwald's Command that were added, as well as improvement son the look of Incandescent Heart to better fit Witches and Duelists. There was also an issue that caused the Witch's knees to be hidden that was subsequently fixed.

The "Minion Life Regeneration per Raging Spirit you own" effect on Femurs of the Saints seemed to not be working as intended, which is why it has now been changed to grant a global percentage value of minion life regeneration. The previous iteration caused significant performance issues when used, especially in Lockstep mode. The Femurs of the Saints also had a bug wherein the "increases to minion attack" and "cast speed per skeleton you own" properties don't actually work and also causes performance issues, which has been fixed as well.

Even when desync has now been eliminated, it looks like the game still has a few more things to fix in order to make gameplay performance more seamless. Everything else involved are fixes to bugs and glitches that seem to crop up every so often. For instance, there were client crash issues related to Agnerax and Agernerix in the Vinktar Square.

There were also frame rate drops when you hover over skill gems for the first time, most likely due to loading. Everything else involved are related to certain skills and how they seem to make the game run rather janky. Most of the fixes are for issues regarding performance and things the game isn't supposed to do.

As the first significant patch update for 2016, it heralds a new year for the game that promises to be full of new ways to play and new lands to explore. The Ascendancy expansion is on its way in March, and there should be another one later this year as well. But for now, it's time for those who haven't gone through all of The Awakening to finish up to be ready for what's coming next for Path of Exile.

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