Path of Exile Racing

There are plenty of things that set Path of Exile apart from the rest of online RPGs out there. In fact, it's quite a daunting task to explain the game to someone who has not played it, but it still does attract quite a crowd due to its innovative ideas and great efforts to raise the genre to new heights through various means. The combat and economic systems are so complex that it takes a while to get used to them, but patience is then rewarded with one of the most solid and consistent gameplay experiences in the genre. But it doesn't stop there at all as there are a lot of things that happen in Wraeclast that make the game fun to play. One of them is racing, although it's a type of race that is unique to this game.

Races in Path of Exile is a way for players to display their skill and knowledge in the game. There are different race formats that can vary in duration and intensity, but they all follow the same basic rules. You have to play as hard as you can, gather up all the Path of Exile items that will help you out, level up and explore dungeons as much as you can, and you're out if you die. The attractive thing about it is that you start from the very beginning, which is something that Action RPG players definitely understand as something that makes for a good feeling in gaming. Being able to start from scratch in a game that you now know a lot more about than when you first started playing is a good feeling since you can now apply your expanded knowledge on playing the new character right. Racing is a great way to test a player's acquired knowledge and skill in the game.

In racing, you are up against other players who have the same objective in getting as long and as far as they can. Many of them can be more knowledgeable about the game and online RPGs in general, with perhaps more time and external resources at their disposal. But the good thing about this is no matter how much advantage they may have, you all start from an even playing field. You all explore the same areas and kill the same monsters, so the only upper hand that players can employ is their skill in playing as efficiently as possible and knowledge of where to go and what to do during the start of a character's development in the game.

For Season Five, the race formats are Turbo, Ancestral League, Rogue League, Famine League, and Cutthroat League. Turbo has monsters moving and attacking 60% faster; Ancestral features more totems that strengthen monsters and debuff players; Rogue has lots of Rogue Exiles in all areas; Famine does not let you recharge flasks in town; Cutthroat lets you kill other players, so you can get killed outside of town if you're not careful.

Features like this is what sets Path of Exile apart from the rest of the pack in the Online Action RPG genre, and it makes Grinding Gear Games one of its innovators right now.

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