Path of Exile Reflect Templar Build

One of the things in combat that can be done in action role-playing games is the ability to take damage and return it in some way to the enemy that dealt that damage. It's most commonly known as reflect, and various ARPG games have them in one capacity or another. The cool thing about Path of Exile is that this can be done in a number of ways and not just one skill or passive to reflect them all. Being able to take damage that's supposed to be harmful to your character and sending it back just as harmful if not more is something that should be explored in this game.

There are plenty of reflect builds out there that rely on Cast on Damage Taken or Cast on Stunned and many others like it in order to reflect damage back to enemies, which are all well and good. But if you want something a bit different that doesn't play like most other builds, then this build may be viable for your growing curiosity and taste. This is a build that is all about being attacked first before you attack them. It's a different way to play, but it's also a more survival-centric build that should put your mind at ease and not be so stressed that you have to spam all the hotkeys to kill everything and stay alive.

This Reflect Templar build is much less about combining different skills and passives that just happen to be functional for the purpose and a lot more about synergy between them to create the best mix of passives through better understanding and allocate more on resists and other defensive stats while preserving DPS, which is something that most reflect builds don't have. Addressing the problem of insufficiency in other aspects of the build is what synergy is for.

The foundation is in stacking as much flat reflect damage on your Path of Exile items as possible. That's where most of the build's efficacy comes from, as well as the augmentation of the tempest shield, as well as scaling damage with low life. Max block to scale and reflect damage on block, all scaling on more multipliers, which is the main objective of the synergy. This is what makes this build better than others. Through synergy, insufficiencies and holes are covered.

Inner Force is an important passive that increases the effect of buffs on your character by 15%, which is indeed significant. This increases the effect of reflect damage on block, which is a big boost by pushing your flat block damage on reflect, as well as double the base reflect damage gained from items and templar shield. Reflect builds are also known for problems with resists, so this is solved by using Veil of the Great Night, which alleviates it to the point that you can wear two Andvarius and not have to care.

Immortal Flesh with Vitality and Zealots make for really high regeneration. Veil of Great Night, Sav Wraps, Jaws of Agony, and Redbeak then form the final major pieces of the bpuzzle by shooting your DPS through the roof, making this build such an increadible reflect build for those who are thinking of playing Templar.

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