Path of Exile Sacrifice of Vaal is Almost Here

On March 5 at 1PM Pacific Standard Time, the first mini-expansion for Path of Exile will be released along with a major patch update. Sacrifice of Vaal is looking to be quite a treat for Path of Exile fans since it follows months after the official release of the game. Grinding Gear Games has planned this moment for a very long time, and players should know what they're about to get themselves into with this new major content update.

For those who don't already know, Sacrifice of Vaal introduces a new great enemy to Wraeclast known as Queen Atziri of the Vaal civilization, also known as the Queen of Sacrifice and the Sovereign of Seduction, who had sacrificed her own people long ago for the sake of beauty and immortality. She didn't die, but gave in to the corruption that swallowed her people and civilization. Due to her return, she is now poised to swallow Wraeclast whole with her corruption, and you must do whatever it takes to stop her as Wraeclast is the only home you have left as exiles.

Ever since the name and premise of this update was revealed, fans had been excited about the changes and additions that it will bring to the game. Take note though that this is not Act 4, which is not part of the upcoming March update yet. Act 4 of the main storyline will come out somewhere down the line, and Grinding Gear Games is still working on it.

As everyone awaits the new stuff, there have been teaser screenshots released to show what players can expect in the update. The first one was of a unique one-handed sword named Mind Fang, a Twilight Blade with bonuses to physical, cold, and lightning damage, as well as increase to global critical strike multiplier. The second teaser screenshot showed a new Unset Ring, which is basically a ring with a free gem slot that's perfect for certain classes like the summoner.

There will be more teasers and other information to come just before March 5 rolls around, and the fans are getting excited. You can go to online forums and community sites to get a glimpse of the anticipation and partake in the discussions about new developments, new Path of Exile items, and so on. While Sacrifice of Vaal is merely a mini-expansion and not a full one, there is still a whole lot of stuff being added to the already feature-rich game.

A full reveal of the upcoming content update will be done on February 28, which is five days before the official release of the patch update. That's five days of being able to prepare for the upcoming additions to Path of Exile, and various discussions between players will take place in order to get ready for the goodness. Make sure that you have your characters ready for new items and other goodies that will come your way once March 5 rolls in. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Sacrifice of Vaal in the coming days.

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