Path of Exile: The Goddess Unleashed

One of the cool things about a game like Path of Exile, which boasts a wide range of possibilities, is the design that continually goes into it. While it's true that as an online game's life goes on, the more convoluted and ossified its design becomes, it may not be as true for Path of Exile. Just take a good look at some of the Path of Exile items that have been coming out and you'll see how much creativity is put into them.

Take for instance a pair of swords called The Goddess Bound and The Goddess Scorned. These were a part of a four-month long riddle with a whole three-verse poem to guide it that had the whole Path of Exile community struggling for an answer. Once it was revealed through a vendor recipe that included The Goddess Scorned, all was revealed.

Take note that these one-handed swords are indeed powerful, but they don't let you use a shield or another melee weapon at the same time, so they're like two-handed swords even though it looks like your character is holding only a one-handed sword.

The Goddess Bound is a unique rapier and the only one among these "Goddess" swords that drops normally in the game, while The Goddess Scorned is a unique sword that can only be obtained through a secret vendor recipe. You need The Goddess Bound with 20% quality, a white Elegant Sword with 20% quality and sockets that match The Goddess Bound, a Chance to Ignite gem with at least 1% quality, and an Orb of Fusing.

The Goddess Scorned, as it seems to be that you need to provoke the goddess first before she can be unleashed, is needed for the end product. Get it to 20% quality, then get a 3-slot Graceful Sword with 20% quality, a Lithe Blade with 20% quality and sockets that match the other two swords, 3 Divine Orbs, 3 Blessed Orbs, and 3 Orbs of Fusing, as well as 1 Added Fire Damage and 1 Increased Critical Strikes and 1 Blind. All the three gems having levels and qualities add up to 33.

Once you get them all together and converted, you get the unique Eternal Sword known as The Goddess Unleashed, and it's quite the sword. It's a one-handed sword that uses both hand slots (so it's not really one-handed) with tremendous bonuses to physical damage and critical strike chance. It also increases ignite duration on enemies while adding a percentage of its physical damage as fire damage.

But what makes The Goddess Unleashed truly remarkable is the debuff it imparts on enemies known as Her Blessing. The sardonically named effect lasts for three seconds at a time, activated whenever an enemy is ignited by the sword. It gives chance to blind nearby enemies while giving you increased attack and movement speed, as well as being immune to Frozen, Chilled, and Ignited effects.

The Goddess Unleashed is a powerful unique sword that's great for DPS-oriented builds, most likely with evasion-heavy defense (since you can't use a shield). This thing is all about speed, and characters that can fully tap into its potential can go through enemies like butter while solo farming. It will indeed be interesting to see what dedicated Path of Exile players will be able to come up with using this powerful PoE items.

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