Path of Exile: The Jewel System

Path of Exile Awakening brought loads of new PoE features and Path of Exile items, one of them being the Jewel System. This is a major update for the existing Skill Tree due to the fact that these Jewels allow players to alter effects of Nodes and Skills. The ability to modify your Skill Tree adds several layers of depth in terms of strengthening your build further and covering weaknesses.

Imagine you have a Ranger. Let’s admit it, some of the Nodes that you’ve passed do not grant you Dexterity points. With the help of a Fluid Motion Jewel, all Nodes within its sphere of influence, regardless if they have Strength or Intelligence will turn to a +10 Dexterity Node. What’s in it for you? Well this allows you to raise your damage dealing potential further. This would be most helpful for builds that spends a lot of points on certain Passive Skills and had to go through attributes that don’t really help the character.

Or let’s say you want to raise your Bow Skill Levels higher but can’t afford PoE items with Bow level boosts, Jewels can help you with that as they drop easier compared to specific items with specific attributes. Thanks to Jewels, areas of your build can now be strengthened and make your build far more deadly compared than before.

Another great thing with Jewels is that they’re not permanent. You can switch Jewels on the fly to better handle a situation anytime. Let’s say you’re about to face a boss and you know that Dodge can help your survivability, then just swap Jewels in your Skill Tree with Jewels that grant you Dodge effects.

Jewel slots are strategically placed around the Skill Tree so there’s no need to worry that specific classes or builds would have an advantage on Jewels. The slots are placed on areas as well where it would have the best effect, not on dead areas where only a couple of Nodes or Skills would be affected. The game developers have taken this in to careful consideration thus allowing each and every class to enjoy the full benefits of customizing and strengthening their builds.

Jewels come at different levels of Rarity as well, just like your armor or weapon. Rare Jewel attributes can be altered whereas the Unique Jewels have fixed attributes. Hunting for these Unique Jewels should always be a part of your agenda each day; the benefits you can reap out of them are really worth the effort.

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