Path of Exile Top 5 Character Builds

The thing about Path of Exile that sets it apart from the other online role-playing games out there is its intricacy, which lets players come up with a great number of builds for each character class. However, there's no denying that there would still be some builds that are a step up over the rest, no matter how much game balancing the developers do to prevent set builds from becoming dominant in the game. Such is the nature of character development in action role-playing games, and Path of Exile is no exception.

When players work towards a character build, there are many things to consider like allocation of skill points, the Path of Exile items to be equipped and used, and where to farm experience and items to get the most optimal effect. With that in mind, here are five of the most fun and exciting builds in Path of Exile that veteran players have found to be most effective in the game. These builds were chosen due to their diversity and how fun they are to play.

Low Life Sporker

This is an in-demand build for the Witch that focuses on the insane AoE damage that it brings to the table. As the name suggests, it has low life that makes it sort of a glass cannon, but it's made up for its reliance on Energy Shield. The original version of the build relies on Shavronne's Wrappings, a unique version of Occultist's Vestment that gives increased Spell Damage and Energy Shield. It lets the Energy Shield be damaged by Chaos Damage, which is what makes low-life builds in the game possible.


This is simply about conjuring an army to do the fighting for you, and you get to choose which type of minion is best. However, this build does leave you vulnerable to any attack that gets past your little army, so you have to know what you're doing with this build and be used to playing low life character builds. To compensate for your squishiness, you may want to either buff up on HP or stack up shields, but you'll still be quite vulnerable. Your survival will mostly be up to your control and how well you keep your army up by stacking auras and buffs on them. It's cheap to play though, so you may want to take this up as an intermediate build once you've learned your way around Path of Exile, but still don't have enough for really good gear.


This is the most aptly named character build in the game so far, and perhaps one of the simplest as well for good reason. This is the type of character that you play while screaming your head off with each blow dealt to the enemy because that's how hard it hits. However, this build is quite gear-dependent, as most pure melee builds turn out to be in Path of Exile, so you may not want to do this when you're just starting out. It's not very complicated to play though, so feel free to try it out anyway even if you're a beginner as it is pretty good fun overall.

Lightning Arrow Frenzy Ranger

Exactly what it says on the name, this Ranger build is both visually appealing and devastating in combat. This build has high DPS, which makes it great for life steal. You shoot lightning arrows with great speed and ramp up the damage while keeping your distance to survive just about anything. It's wroth noting the enemies with resistances against your arrows though, which you can then address with bear trap.

Infernal Blow Marauder

This is a super tank that's even simpler to play than the Facebreaker. You just have a ridiculous amount of health to soak up the damage while killing with Infernal Blow to take out everything on the screen. While gear-dependent, it's newbie-friendly gameplay that is low DPS, but high burst damage that proves to be rewarding during gameplay.

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