Path of Exile Warbands

With the new expansion The Awakening and the release of subsequent patches, Path of Exile had become even better than ever. One of the things added to enhance it was Warbands, which has been a new focal point in the game. Its mechanics works differently from other leagues and is a big part of Grinding Gear Games' new initiative towards making the game even more engaging.

But first of all, the latest patch version 2.0.0f had implemented three significant fixes to go along with the new expansion. A bug that has Shackles of the Wretched interact wrongly with the new Punishment curse has been fixed, as well as an instance crash when chilling enemies under certain conditions. But the most important fix is of a bug that has maps in the Warbands using location information from the Merciless difficulty instead. This last one is related to how Warbands works, which is quite different from most other leagues we've seen thus far.

The way Warbands works has to do with map pins on the World Screen in Normal, Cruel, and Merciless difficulties. Warbands are shown in certain areas with a label that says how strong they are. Warbands with four dots on each side are able to spawn leaders, if ever you're looking for a real challenge.

Whenever you enter a Warband area, there's a chance that the strongest type of Warband may be spawned right there. If not, the next one would have a larger chance of spawning one, and so on. Even if you enter a four-dot area, you may not see them there right away, but you may find them in another area afterwards.

Warband members may drop Path of Exile items with new special magic mods or unique shields, while tier 3 or 4 members can drop unique boots, and tier 4 members can drop unique rings. This is perhaps one of the main motivations for players to hunt for Warbands when they're strong enough to fight them. Who would say no to POE items with unique attributions right?

Every 10 minutes, or 30 in maps, the areas with the most Warband kills in the last time period will have their Warbands removed and new ones will appear somewhere else. Those that appear will increase the strength of other Warbands near it on the map, and it may include four-dot Warbands as well.

Warbands in maps have their layout and other characteristics. Areas from here are connected in a similar way to a set of three maps that you may purchase from a vendor. In the story, these Warbands are perpetually restless, which is why they've moved away from their factions and taken matters in their own hands.

This additional gameplay feature may seem confusing for a lot of people, and they are not alone. However, it does help with taking the game even further than ever before as the gameplay is kept fresh with these new additions. It's easy for online role-playing games to grow monotonous after years of the same thing, and many titles have fallen because of that very reason. Just think of Warbands as something that shakes things up and rewards those who are able to be up for that challenge, which keeps Path of Exile interesting.

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