Skill Tree Update and Guide

Since the 1.3.0 Patch came out, a lot of players have tweaked their builds to adjust accordingly with the changes on the Skill Tree. Most people thought that the update was great and improved a whole lot of character, damage and defense factors in their favor. The most significant changes were applied around the Witch and Shadow skill nodes but a lot of new skills were given for every class in the game to ensure balance.

This article would discuss the most popular skills/nodes found in the update, which should help you plan ahead on how you might want to tweak your current Exile or possibly a future build:

Bloodletting - grants increased physical damage over time. It also grants increased damage for attacks against bleeding enemies. The node is close to the Ranger, but this skill is often used by Marauders and Duelists. Bleed Builds gained a significant benefit out of this.

Unyielding – reduces damage from Critical Strikes. This is a crucial defensive factor when facing off in PVP against a Critical Build.

Slaughter – boosts Accuracy for Axe wielders and chance to inflict Onslaught.

Skull Cracking – raises physical damage with Maces and raises chance to inflict Stun. This is a huge increase for Exile builds that has emphasis on Stun.

Executioner – boosts damage against monsters with low life. Perfect for grinding runs as this allows you to clear mobs quicker. Most people say that the tweaks to the Skill Tree was beneficial for melee Exiles. Tweaks to spells and magic users were applied to; but some nodes attributes were updated if you would check them all. Experimenting with your build should be done as soon as possible to maximize your Exile’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

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