The Call for Better Trade Support in Path of Exile

One of the big things in Path of Exile is acquiring your dream gear for your character. Completing the main vision for the character build is pretty much what drives most big decisions by players in this game, and trading for those Path of Exile items is pretty much one of the two main ways of doing this, the other being farming. However, the trading experience can be kind of excruciating for many.

For instance, you may be looking for a particular unique PoE items in the game for your current or planned character. However, the players you inquire may not be that up to selling said item due to various reasons, especially being in a race at that moment, so you're pretty much left in the dust for the time being and have to rely on luck in either finding a sure seller or some boss drop. In most cases, you won't even get responses to your inquiries at all.

Many people would then argue that you shouldn't rely on trade so much anyway since your chances of actually finding someone to buy a specific valuable PoE item may be slim to none. However, is that actually any worse than farming and/or assembling the item by yourself? Whether you like it or not, much time and effort and even a good bit of luck is needed to get what you want in trading.

So that's where the call for better trade support comes in. Path of Exile purists would rail against it due to how it fetters with the core essence of the game, or some other diatribe like it. Regardless, having extra features to turn off sales for certain items in PoE trade could be useful. There's already the /afk and /dnd commands to remove the online flag from your items, but they may not be good enough. Perhaps a /notrade command could solve a lot of these problems.

Maybe an overriding function that lets you turn off sales for different leagues. Having to say "sorry I’m racing" all the time can get old fast, so this feature could be appreciated by those who are really powering through the game with their all, yet can't do everything all at once. It's a given that while trading in this game is functional, it's not exactly the best thing in the game. It can be argued at least that trading in a lot of other games seem better than in this game. But then again, with how different this game is from the rest of its genre, maybe there's a good reason or two for it.

Meanwhile, Grinding Gear Games seems to not have taken notice of the changes in trade that players are wishing for. Maybe they're planning something right now, or maybe they'll have something like more paid features for trading. Whatever it may be, a better trading experience can be had if there are a few things added to alleviate some hardships and annoyances.

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