The Matter of Diablo 3 Gold

Due to the various things that have happened in Diablo 3 since its release, as well as what happened in Diablo 2 during its duration as the top game in the action RPG genre, a few questions have come to mind. One of these big questions are in regards to Diablo 3 gold, which is supposed to be the games' main currency and medium for trade. For those who have played Diablo 2 in, they would know that gold stopped being used for trades, having been replaced by runes instead. This is due to inflation and various other things that made gold lose its value.

Economy isn't something that most RPG players would think about when it comes to their games since as long as they're able to get fairly good items to kill the bad guys with, then there shouldn't be too many problems. However, for those who really want to be at the top of the game, it becomes a significant issue since various things can make it either easier or harder for them to get the best equipment possible and get as much gold as they can with farming runs and selling in the Auction House. However, the latter is about to become a thing of the past.

D3 gold had seen inflation within the first year of its existence, mostly due to the Auction House and how more high-leveled D3 items started being sold in it. Weapons with over 700 DPS started popping up for as low as 20,000 gold because of this, which is quite telling of the Auction House's effect on the in-game economy. Now with the removal of the Auction Houses in Diablo 3, Blizzard is hoping that gold will become viable again as the game's main currency and undo the damage that the Auction House had done.

There were tons of reasons why gold in Diablo 2 failed. For instance, it had a very low cap, so you can't carry a lot of it all at once. It is also dropped when your character dies, which makes it hard to secure it. Since there were no such things as banks or unlimited caps in stash, you can't really get rich with gold. However, it's still needed for use with artisans, like with repairing, gambling, and so on. But when it came to trading with other players, then it was all about the runes.

That was the only thing that put Diablo 2 back in terms of its longevity as an all-time classic. If Blizzard doesn't want that to happen again, then they will have to make sure that they keep an eye on the economy of Diablo 3. So far, it seems that they're paying attention with their recent moves, like the features to be implemented with Reaper of Souls and the removal of the Auction House. They tried to do what they had done with World of Warcraft, but they then realized that they're not the same kind of games after all.

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