The Merits of Diablo 3 Power Leveling

There are plenty of reasons as to why power leveling in Diablo 3 is a hot topic for serious Diablo 3 players. It's not just crucial for the hardcore players, but for casual players as well since it's all about maximizing your time and energy in the game to get the most out of the gameplay experience. It's not just about getting experience quickly, but also getting as much Diablo 3 gold and Diablo 3 items as you can during the process as well.

There are still plenty of people out there who think that focusing on leveling up takes away from the gameplay experience since this is still a role-playing game in essence. If you are not convinced on the merits of Diablo 3 Power Leveling, then here are some of the biggest reasons as to why you should invest your time into it.

Being able to equip better weapons and armor at higher levels

Most of the good D3 items have level requirements, so you can't really use them until you reach that minimum level indicated on the item properties. That's one of the biggest reasons as to why you should power level since a big part of Diablo 3 is in maximizing your character's potential, and items play the biggest part in it. Therefore, if you want to do well in Diablo 3, then you have to get the best items on as quickly as you can.

Getting to play higher level quests with friends

Biggest hiccup in playing Diablo 3 is not being able to play with friends since you have not caught up to their level. If you are at a higher level, you can always select a previously completed quest to play with your friends. However, you can't get to a higher level quest if you have not reached it yet. Therefore, to avoid such heartbreak, you would want to be at a higher level in Diablo 3 in order to enjoy the game with your friends.

Accessing the entire skill tree

Not being able to play with all the skills in Diablo 3 is perhaps the worst thing about being below the level cap. In order to get a feel for what skills you want for your character, you will have to unlock everything, and that means getting to level 60 as soon as you can. That's the best way to really bring your character to life and have fun in the game.

Income in Real Money Auction House

This is perhaps one of the biggest perks in being at the highest level in Diablo 3. Once you are able to get the very best item drops in the game, then you can actually turn a profit from them through the Gold Auction House for a good amount of D3 gold, or in Real Money Auction for a good amount of cash. If you are a serious and determined player, this lets you get back the money you spent on buying the game, and then some. While it's not really the best way to make extra cash, that's not a bad prospect at all for playing a game at all.

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