The Path of Exile Experience for New Players

It's said that action role-playing games are some of the easier types of games to learn how to play due to how easy the controls are, but they then get more advanced due to its RPG elements.

It's both easy to play and fairly challenging to master, making it a great genre for those who are into playing something simple yet sophisticated at the same time. It's a learning curve that goes a bit steeper as you progress, making it a fun experience.

That does seem to be the case with Path of Exile, but the game's unique gameplay systems seem to make its learning curve even steeper what most people expect. Suffice to say, this game isn't for the uninitiated; it's not the best game to start with for ARPG novices. For one thing, it's not like Diablo or Titan Quest, wherein you level up your characters the old-fashioned way. This game is a bit more complicated than that, and that's a major part of the fun here.

It's safe to say that no longtime Path of Exile player has gotten things perfect. Anyone who gets into this game is bound to have at least a couple of characters and PoE items that they messed up, even if they followed a build guide right down to the very last letter. Making mistakes is always a part of the learning experience in anything, but it's doubly true here in Path of Exile. Messing up a character is pretty much a major part of the Path of Exile experience, so being attached to a character may not be a recommended approach to playing this game.

You then learn more and more until you've mastered the art of leveling to 80 in just 3 days (if you have a lot of free time at the moment) and ensuring that your chosen build lasts until level 85. You may think of that as ludicrous until you learn that the best ladder racers in the game can reach level 80 in just one day. It all goes down to game knowledge and uncompromising optimization. They know the right Path of Exile items to equip at any time for any character and build, they know where to level and where to go next, and they know exactly which passives to take first.

It's not an impossibility at all to learn how to play Path of Exile like that, but it does take some focus and persistence in order to reach that level of game knowledge. But once you've reached it, you find the game to be even more enjoyable. If you don't find that level of commitment to be a good thing, then perhaps this game isn't for you after all. But if you're alright with it, then you may find this game to be increasingly fun as you learn more stuff about it over time.

Despite the steep learning curve, it does seem like Path of Exile has gathered a loyal following composed of players that either plays regularly or logs in every now and then to check out what's new. If you're one of these two, then you're pretty much enjoying the game as intended. As for those who are still new to this game and are looking to be more invested in what seems to be one of the best ARPGs online today, then you may have to take some time to get used to it.

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